Digital photography and video technologies are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business.

New innovations are emerging every month and the digital imaging market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world.

Join us for an interactive two-day summit to discuss trends and technologies in digital imaging and video technology. Meet the world’s brightest technology innovators – and learn firsthand how their visions will transform visual communication and boost or disrupt your businesses.

We’ll discuss how video and imaging technology is changing the way we communicate – and how it will continue to do so in the next five to ten years.

Who should attend?

» Technology executives evaluating imaging and video companies for partnerships & acquisitions
» Media and brand executives interested in boosting revenue by leveraging new imaging and video products and technologies
» Investors: Visual technologies & businesses deliver tremendous upside - don't miss the next Instagram, Youtube, Oculus, Snapchat...  
» Imaging and video startups interested in meeting investors, customers, recruiting and potential partners
» Creatives: Photographers, Videographers and anyone creating content
» Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence experts and professionals

* Session times will be added closer to the Summit. Schedule may change.


Day 1: May 19, 2015

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC


8:00 - 9:00am: Registration and Coffee 

9:00am: Keynote: How Visual Technologies Are Revolutionizing Business & Humanity 
Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

9:20am - Keynote: A Moment In Space: Reimagining Photography. For as long as we can remember, there have been two ways to capture memories: photos and videos. One (photography) captures a slice of time and space, and the other (video) captures time. What makes these formats so special? Is there room for one more?
Radu Rusu, CEO & Co-Founder, Fyusion

9:30am - Panel: Computational Photography And Video. When will cameraphones and hands-free devices have at least 80% of the features and quality of a high-end DSLR? What are the technical roadblocks, and who will deliver the best solution to the market?

Moderator: Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital
- Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab
- Paul Green, CTO & Co-Founder, Algolux
- Michael Cohen, Principal Researcher, Interactive Visual Media Group, Microsoft Research

10:05am - Keynote: Building A Cloud Enabled Home For All Your Memories. Peter Welinder sold his company, Anchovi Labs, to Dropbox and now leads Dropbox's computer vision team. He will share stories from building Carousel, Dropbox's dedicated photos experience, and lessons learned from being the home for photo collections of millions of people.
 Peter Welinder, Engineering Manager, Dropbox  

10:15am - Panel:  Computer Vision Advancement And Challenges—Will It Soon Become A Commodity? Dozens of machine-vision companies have recently been acquired by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other major players. How will image recognition disrupt businesses and empower humanity? How can we inspire more researchers to bring their visions to market? Could computer vision become a commodity? If yes, when?

Moderator:  Sean Ammirati, Partner, Birchmere Ventures 
- Serge Belongie, Professor, Computer Vision, Cornell Tech   
- Mor Naaman, Chief Scientist, Co-founder,   
- Simon Osindero, A.I. Architect, Flickr 
- Andrea Frome, Software Engineer, Nuna Health

10:50am - BREAK: Networking

11:35am - Keynote: We're Taking Billions Of Photos A Day—Let's Use Them To Improve Our World! Pete Warden went from computer vision studies at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom to serial entrepreneur. Pete was the co-founder and CTO of Jetpac, which sold to Google after three years. He will share insights about what he is working on at Google, stories about being an entrepreneur and how analyzing images can improve our world.
- Pete Warden, Engineer, Google; Sold Jetpac to Google  

11:45am - Keynote: Deep Reasoning for Video Content Understanding At Yahoo. Deep learning has improved classification accuracy, but it can be useless in practice. Learn how Yahoo leverages deep learning in large-scale applications and gain a perspective on the future of deep-learning video opportunities.
- Alex Jaimes, Dir. Research & Video Product, Yahoo 

11:55am - Panel: Leveraging Computer Vision To See Important Seconds Of Our Lives From Hours of Security Video Footage. Dropcam uploads more daily footage than YouTube, and it was acquired by Next/Google for $555 million. How will computer vision and machine learning help solve the needs of humanity in their pursuit of security for the people and places most important to them?  

Moderator:  Andy Parsons, CTO, Kontor 
- Carter Maslan, CEO & Founder, Camio
- Samir Kumar, Sr. Dir. Business Development & Product, Qualcomm Research 


1pm - LUNCH: Networking

2pm - Fireside Chat: Frequently Acquisitions Deliver NO Money To Founders, Early Employees And Investors. We are honored to have a fireside chat with serial entrepreneur Lane Becker who co-founded GetSatisfaction among other companies. He is also the Author of the book "Get Lucky." GetSatisfaction recently sold for millions - the founders, early employees and early investors received no money for all of their hard work. Lane shared his honest views on Twitter about what startup acquisitions can really be like for founders.  Evan and Lane both have roller-coaster entrepreneur experiences and wish to help entrepreneurs avoid their mistakes. They will have a unique and honest fireside chat about the
challenges of building your dream business and venture capital.
- Lane Becker, Serial Entrepreneur & Author  
- Evan Nisselson, Partner, LDV Capital

INVESTORS: Trends in Visual Communications Technology

2:35pm - Panel: Future Investment Opportunities In Businesses Leveraging Visual Technology  The phenomenal value created in the sector via Deep Minds, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has turned many heads. What does the future look like?

Moderator:Erick Schonfeld‬, TouchCast, Co-Founder 
Demo, Executive Producer

- Patrick Eggen, Head of Seed Investment Program, Qualcomm Ventures
- Geoff Judge, Partner, iNovia Capital
- Sean Ammirati, Partner, Birchmere Ventures 
Fran Hauser, Partner, Rothenberg Ventures 


3:10pm - Keynote: Automating The Black Magic In Deep Learning. Rumor has it that it’s very difficult to successfully train deep learning models, that it is “black magic” and requires years of experience to master. Ideally, given a leaning task, the model should self-adjust to the problem at hand and just work. 
How close we are to this goal?
- Andrew Rabinovich,  Principal Engineer, Magic Leap

3:20pm - Keynote: Video Holograms For AR And VR. What if we could allow viewers to change the viewpoint of a video as it plays? What if we could experience people and performances, from any viewpoint we choose, as holograms in our real and virtual spaces? See how recent work from Microsoft brings video holograms to AR/VR experiences.
Steve Sullivan, Partner Dev. Lead, HoloVideo for HoloLens, Microsoft

3:30pm - Keynote: Enterprises From Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Utilities And Telecommunications Industries Are Leveraging Smart Glasses To Be More Efficient.  Learn about advances in optics and different ways to present content and context in future smart glasses. Explore the future of augmented reality.
- Jay Kim, CTO, APX Labs 

3:35pm - BREAK: Networking and Bar Opens

4:05pm - Keynote: The Power And Promise Of Emotion Aware Machines. Learn how to empower content creators, brands and publishers to better monetize their content by analyzing sentiment of faces in videos. What is possible with technology today, and what will be possible tomorrow?
- Marian Stewart Bartlett, Co-Founder, Lead Scientist Emotient 

4:15pm - Keynote:  Analyzing Satellite Imagery Can Tell Us If Walmart Or Home Depot Has More Shoppers Daily And The Status Of Int'l Oil Reserves.  From NASA, to Google, to founding Orbital Insight - James Crawford's new company wants to understand global and national trends through advanced image processing and data science at petabyte scale. Will managers of an organization use satellite imagery to make decisions about day-to-day across Agriculture, Investing, Construction Progress, Traffic, Commerce and more?
- James Crawford, Founder of Orbital Insight

4:25pm - Keynote:  Can Computer Vision And A Live Video Stream Help Retailers Better Understand Consumer Habits? Alexandre is a serial entrepreneur and computer vision expert originally from Paris. His latest company Placemeter creates a real time data layer about places, and streets by automatically extracting measurable data from a live video stream such as number of people walking into a store to how heavy traffic is on a specific street.
- Alexandre Winter, CEO, Founder, Placemeter

4:30pm - Panel: Will Computer Vision Exponentially Increase Clothing Commerce? Can scanning and computer vision customize our clothes and help brands sell clothing that fits customers better?

Moderator: Jonathan Shieber, Editor, TechCrunch 
- George Borshukov, CTO, Embodee  
- Alper Aydemir, Co-Founder, Volumental

5:05pm - Keynote: How Can Data Science Evaluate Why Some Advertising Creative Content Resonates More Than Others? Claudia is the Chief Scientist at Dstillery, where she watches closely over a multitude of machine-learning algorithms and data-processing tasks. Dstillery helps brands connect to the right consumers via distilling signals from a variety of sources using data-agnostic machine-learning techniques that generate unique audiences of prospective customers for major marketers.  This talk will touch on experimentation as well as observational method for causal inference.  
- Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Dstillery 

5:15pm - Keynote: New Approaches To Image Search Metadata. An exploration of what we can do to enhance image search with metadata. Via categorization, object identification, locality and clever tagging, Kontor is building an immersive visual search engine for architecture and design.
- Andy Parsons, CTO, Kontor 

5:20pm - Panel: Visually Mapping The World Can Improve Our Daily Activities. What computer vision and scaling challenges are involved in visually mapping our world in real time? Will visual mapping improve the world we live in?

Moderator: ‪Erick Schonfeld‬, TouchCast, Co-Founder 
Demo, Executive Producer

Jan Erik Solem, CEO & Founder, Mapillary
- Alyssa Wright, VP Partnerships & Business Development, Mapzen
- Luc Vincent, Director, Engineering (Lead Geo Imagery Efforts, Street View, Aerial, Satellite), Google

5:55pm - Closing: Congratulate competition winners & thanks

6:00-6:30pm - Drinks & Networking 

* Schedule may change.


Day 2: May 20, 2015

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC

8:00 - 9:00am: Registration and Coffee 

9:00am:  Keynote: Visual Content Will Inspire, Move Financial Markets, Advertisers Know When We Are Happy or Sad, and Improve Our Health!
Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

9:10am - Inspiration: JPMorgan Analyst To World Traveling Photographer With Over 273,000 Instagram Followers. Natalie left JPMorgan 5 months ago and now photographs for clients from AT&T, Jordan, LG, HP,  Jaguar to Rockefeller Center to publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Thrillest and She will share her creativity, love for visually communicating via social media and how she works with Brands.
- Natalie Amrossi, Photographer, Misshattan

9:20am - Panel: Future of Still And Video Cameras. Does humanity want to communicate in pictures or video using 2D, 3D or augmented reality?

Moderator: Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital
Julian Green, Group PM Mobile VisionGoogle 
Hans Peter Brondomo, Serial Entrepreneur

9:55am - Keynote: As An Intrapreneur, Brad Short Invented A New PC And Creativity Station Known As Sprout From Inside A Major Corporation. Brad will share stories of how he and his team built a new product based on "blended reality" inside HP. He will also share his vision of the future in relation to how augmented, blended and virtual reality content creation will affect humanity.
- Brad Short, Immersive Computing Group Chief Architect, HP; Inventor, Sprout

Wherever, Whenever, Viewers Engage

10:05am - Keynote: Video Advertising Continues To Exponentially Grow Online, And Everyone Is Talking About Interactive Digital Video Technologies. Rapt
Media believes that interactive videos can increase customer engagement and viewers. What is true interactive engagement and which brands are benefiting?
- Erika Trautman, CEO & Co-Founder, Rapt Media

10:10am - Keynote: Entertainment In The Age of Participatory Live Streaming Media. Adi is the CEO of YouNow, a live streaming network that has over 100 million user sessions a month and live-streams 35,000 hours of video every day. How will live streaming impact traditional media platforms and humanity?
- Adi Sideman, CEO, YouNow

10:15am - Panel: The Explosion Of Digital Video. What's Next? From Meerkat to Minecraft clips, everyone is becoming a creator and broadcaster, and every device is a distribution point. Where do creators and brands converge? What happens to TV? And after cord-cutters and cord-nevers, who’s next?

Moderator: Richard Greenfield, Managing Director, Media and Technology Analyst, BTIG
- Emily Gray, VP, Revenue Products, Refinery29
- Paul Marcum, Head of Global Digital Video, Bloomberg 
- Greg Clayman, GM, Audience Networks, Vimeo

10:50am - BREAK: Networking


11:20am - Keynote: The Revenue Potential Is Tremendous For Accurately, Automatically And Efficiently Keywording All The Video In The World.  Clarifai offers a service that leverages artificial intelligence & deep learning to understand the contents throughout a video. Can Computer Vision and A.I. analyze video and deliver exponential monetization opportunities for companies with content assets?
- Matthew Zeiler, CEO & Founder, Clarifai

11:25am - Panel: Is Live Streaming A Recurring Fad Or Will This Medium Kill Television? What is more important: the medium or the message?

Moderator: Rebecca Paoletti, CEO, CakeWorks
Rushabh Doshi, VP, GM, Firetalk
- Lippe Oosterhof, CEO, Livestation
Felipe Heusser, CEO,


12pm - Keynote: Bark & Co., Is The ‘Disney For Dogs’ Which Leverages Its Own Camera app, Content And Community To Educate And Exponentially Increase E-commerce Revenue. Co-Founder Matt Meeker will share Bark & Co.’s vision for building a global brand by empowering its community and leveraging visual content.
- Matt Meeker, CEO and Co-Founder, Bark & Co.

12:10pm - Keynote: Emotions Are Core to Humanity And Every Aspect of Our Lives. Nick will share how digitizing emotion can enrich our work and lives by enabling major companies (e.g. Mars, Inc. and CBS) to better understand an audience’s emotional engagement and predict sales.  What if you could make experiences better by knowing your audience’s emotional reaction before you launched a million-dollar campaign?
- Nick Langeveld, President & CEO, Affectiva

12:20pm - Panel: Challenges And Opportunities Facing Original Content Creators Today  When There Are So Many Technology Platforms To Choose From!

Moderator: Jocelyn Johnson, CEO & Founder, VideoInk

- Tom Wilde, CEO & Founder, Ramp
- Nathan Brown, GM, SVP Video, Huffington Post
- Inbar Barak, SVP, Digital Strategy & Programming, Martha Stewart Living

12:55pm - LUNCH: Networking

1:55pm - Keynote: Can Dynamic Images And Video Exponentially Increase ROI In Email Marketing? In 2011, Movable Ink - a startup team of three at the time - was sitting next to Evan from LDV Capital at the General Assembly co-working space in New York City. Since pioneering the application of contextual marketing to email, the team has grown to more than 70 with innovative clients such as AirBnB, FreshDirect, Finish Line, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Learn how your brand can leverage dynamic visual content to optimize email campaigns and drive ROI.
- Vivek Sharma, CEO & Founder, Movable Ink

2:05pm - Keynote: How Photographers & Brands Can Build An Exponential Voice & Community On Instagram?
Dave Krugman is a visual storyteller with over 165,000 followers on Instagram and the Social Editor at BBDO NYC. He helps major brands find their narrative voice on social media platforms and is tasked with hiring photographers with the right audience to collaborate on campaigns. Explore social brand marketing case studies and learn how you can exponentially grow your community of followers? 
David Krugman, Social Editor, BBDO

2:45pm - Keynote: wikiHow Is The World's Most Popular How-To Website, Possibly Because They Offer Better Visual Content Than Competing How-To Websites. wikiHow offers easy instructions on how to do anything, through using tons of visual content.  How valuable is visual content to wikiHow and wikiHow's users? How does wikiHow leverage their visual content to educate, engage users and increase traffic?
Thom Scher, Sr. Director Marketing & Visual Content, wikiHow

2:55pm - Keynote: Visualizing User-Generated Content To Better Understand Humanity. Lev Manovich and his team leverage computer vision, data science and millions of user images to detect social and cultural trends. Lev was included in Verge’s list of the 50 “most interesting people building the future.”   
- Lev Manovich, Graduate Center Professor, CUNY


3:10pm - Keynote: Key Metrics: A Strategy For Building A Sustainable Digital Video Business Doesn't Have To Be Impossibly Complicated Or Outrageously Expensive.
-Rebecca Paoletti, CEO, CakeWorks

3:15pm - Keynote: Will Global Monetization And Distribution Of Content Be Disrupted Or Empowered By New Platforms And Technologies? VHX empowers creators to sell their work from their own websites directly to their fans. Their community has made over $5 million in gross sales on over 4K content titles. How can you increase your content distribution and revenue?
- Jamie Wilkinson, CEO & Co-Founder, VHX.TV

3:20pm - Fireside Chat: Joanne Wilson Of Gotham Gal Ventures Will Have A Fireside Chat With Evan Nisselson Of LDV Capital. Joanne and Evan will discuss future investment trends and early stage opportunities in businesses leveraging visual technologies.
- Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal Ventures
Evan Nisselson, Partner, LDV Capital

4:45pm - BREAK: Networking 

5:20pm - Fireside Chat: Andrew Weissman Of Union Square Ventures Will Have A Fireside Chat With Evan Nisselson Of LDV Capital. Andrew and Evan will discuss future investment trends and opportunities in businesses leveraging visual technologies.

Andrew Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures
Evan Nisselson, Partner, LDV Capital

6:30pm - Keynote: Visually Indexing The Earth From Space. Satellite imagery can be leveraged for tracking economic trends from space but how will this impact humanity & business. How does Skybox empower global businesses to make better decisions with timely, high-resolution satellite imagery, video, and analytics. In August 2014, Skybox was acquired by Google. 
- Ching-Yu Hu, Head of Skybox Business Operations,Google; Co-founder, Skybox; Sold Skybox to Google

6:40pm - Keynote: Computer Vision Knows What Colors Are Best For Your Furniture, Makeup And Clothes. Computer vision technology can now analyze your photos to help you personalize your look in seconds. Asmau will share how how her company Plum Perfect is a visual recommendation engine which drives personalized advertising and e-commerce.
- Asmau Ahmed, CEO, Founder, Engineer, Plum Perfect

6:45pm - Keynote: The Way You Move Is the Way You Experience The World. SOLS leverages digital imaging, deep learning algorithms and computer vision to brings 3D printing to footwear & hopefully better health. How will customized clothing and imaging technologies improve e-commerce and humanity?
- Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO & Co-Founder, SOLS

6:55pm - Keynote: Decoupling Medical Care From location And Time. CaptureProof is organizing medical photos and video to easily make them medically meaningful. Doctors have thousands of patients who will create hundreds of thousands of photos and video - it quickly becomes a nightmare. Now doctors can say "Sent me two photos and I will text you in the morning."
Meghan Conroy, CEO & Founder, captureproof

7pm - Keynote:  Despite Modern Imaging Techniques, The Number Of Missed Major Diagnoses Has Not Essentially Changed Over the Past ~30 Years. A new startup called Zebra Medical Vision aims to improve medical imaging diagnosis accuracy by leveraging computer vision and deep learning. How will they do this and how will this impact society?
- Elad Benjamin, CEO - Zebra Medical Imaging

7:10pm - Closing: Congratulate competition winners & thanks

7:15pm - 8pm -  Drinks & Networking 

* Schedule may change.