The premier global gathering in visual tech

May 13-14, 2020 in NYC


60+ Domain Experts

Discussing the disruptive force of computer vision, machine learning & AI.

600+ Attendees

Making valuable connections across a variety of sectors & industries.
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40 Illuminating Talks

Leading researchers, startups, execs, marketers, & investors in visual tech.

2 Leading Competitions

Highlighting computer vision researchers & startups in the visual tech space.


LDV Vision Summit felt like all the movers and shakers from across the world of Vision, coming together in the throbbing heart of Gotham City.
— Julian Green, Google X Group Product Manager

2019 Speakers & Judges

Thomas Reardon CTRL-Labs CEO New York, NY, US

Thomas Reardon
New York, NY, US

Matt Turck FirstMark Capital Partner New York, NY, US

Matt Turck
FirstMark Capital
New York, NY, US

Julie Schoenfeld Cruise Automation (GM) Vice President, Strobe LiDAR Pasadena, CA, US

Julie Schoenfeld
Cruise Automation (GM)
Vice President, Strobe LiDAR
Pasadena, CA, US

Lourdes Agapito University College London Professor 3D Vision, Synthesia Co-Founder. London, UK

Lourdes Agapito
University College London Professor 3D Vision, Synthesia Co-Founder. London, UK

Nabeel Hyatt Spark Capital General Partner San Francisco, CA, US

Nabeel Hyatt
Spark Capital
General Partner
San Francisco, CA, US

Johannes Kopf Facebook Research Scientist Seattle, WA, US

Johannes Kopf
Research Scientist
Seattle, WA, US

Di-Ann Eisnor WeWork CWeO Cities Palo Alto, CA, US

Di-Ann Eisnor
CWeO Cities
Palo Alto, CA, US

Gillian Munson Union Square Ventures Partner NYC, NY

Gillian Munson
Union Square Ventures

Who should attend?

» Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence experts and professionals
» Media and brand executives interested in boosting revenue by leveraging new imaging and video products and technologies
» Investors: Visual technologies & businesses deliver tremendous upside - don't miss the next Instagram, Youtube, Oculus, Snapchat... 
 » Imaging and video startups interested in meeting investors, customers, recruiting and potential partners
» Technology executives evaluating companies for partnerships & acquisitions
» Creatives: Photographers, Videographers and anyone creating content



Many companies who presented or competed at the last Summit have since raised venture capital funding. Others have joined startups or formed companies with people they met at the Summit.

Startup Competition:  Are you one of the most promising imaging & video companies? Compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~600 attendees including judges, investors, customers and potential partners.




Presented by Evan Nisselson & Abby Hunter-Syed, LDV Capital
Video Program: Rebecca Paoletti, CakeWorks, CEO
Computer Vision Program: Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech
Computer Vision Advisors: Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary; Samson Timoner, Cyclops; Luc Vincent, Lyft; Gaile Gordon, Enlighted, Alexandre Winter, Netgear
Universities: Cornell Tech, School of Visual Arts

Our Partners

We are currently adding partners for our LDV Vision Summit 2020, email us to learn about opportunities for collaboration.


LDV Vision Summit is one of those rare events that brings a very focused group of people together to talk about something that they all care about - computer vision & visual technologies. If you are investing or working in the space, you should definitely attend to meet other experts and startups building the next great products and companies.
— Josh Elman, Greylock Partners, Partner
Really impressive and most important - amazing founders presenting.
— Adam Singolda, Taboola, Founder & CEO
Being involved in the LDV Vision summit was a pleasure and an amazing opportunity to network across all disciplines of entrepreneurial computer vision. Big congrats to this years winners and everyone else for a great meeting!
— Oscar Beijbom, UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral Scholar
The Summit’s clear technology focus sets it apart - I was truly impressed by the quality of companies using computer vision across a range of verticals, from VR to robotics, and by the caliber of conversation amongst speakers.
— Christina Bechhold, Samsung Global Innovation Center, Investor. Empire Angels, Co-Founder, Managing Director.
Because of its focus, LDV Vision Summit was not only fun but also a real learning experience for me.
— Andy Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures
It was my first time at a summit as a student, and it was quite an eye-opening experience: lots of interesting people to meet with game-changing ideas in the works. I feel like it is a necessary bridge to even out the disparities between academia and industry in this rapidly growing field, and the opportunity to network with some of the greatest names in the field is something that should definitely not be overlooked!
— Divyaa Ravichandran, Carnegie Mellon, Research Assistant
LDV Vision Summit exposed me to some amazing entrepreneurs and thought leaders thinking about the world through a different perspective than any other tech conference I’ve been to. Anyone that wants to get a glimpse at the future of how we process everything around us would benefit from attending.
— Ed Laczynski, Zype, CEO & Co-Founder
The last 10 years of advances in mobile and cloud computing have been life changing. Visual computing feels like that next life changing tech movement, and the questions and ideas explored at the LDV Vision Summit will be critical to any tech player serious about being involved.
— Rohit Dave, Samsung, Corporate Development & Strategy
As a first time attendee to the LDV summit, I was mostly expecting to see numerous technical presentations by various startups from the computer vision field. I was pleasantly surprised that LDV Summit also covered important investment related topics and trends that helped me gain greater understanding of business aspects related to Visual Tech. I am definitely looking forward to LDV 2017!
— Jack Levin, Nventify, CEO & Founder, ImageShack, CEO & Co-Founder
It was definitely one of the best learning and networking experience. I love listening to all the rapidly disseminated information. Also loved feedback from people on my thoughts. So many people came and provided me positive feedback on Context and intent are essential for finding meaning in photos; and language divides but visual unites.
— Ramesh Jain, Professor at UCI and CoFounder at Krumbs
The summit gave us insight on emerging technologies that will be valuable for our network of photographers to anticipate as tools for their work in the near and distant future!
— Susan Meiselas and Emma Raynes, Magnum Foundation
As an early stage investor in robotics, computer vision, autonomous mobility, and remote sensing,The LDV Summit is an invaluable resource to have in our venture community. Reflecting on last week’s presentations, I am still impressed by the curated experience of industry leaders, innovative startups and quality connections all under one roof.
— Oliver Mitchell, Mach 5 Ventures
The LDV Vision Summit is computer mad scientists meets visual storytellers with world class investors lurking in every corner. Two days that will stretch your brain and open your eyes to countless emerging possibilities in the imaging world.
— Brian Storm, Founder & Executive Producer, MediaStorm
I had a fantastic experience doing the challenge and coming to the summit, and it was wonderful to meet so many other amazing people.
— Serena Yeung, Ph.D. Stanford U., winner of our Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge
You brought a lot of great thinkers in the space together. I enjoyed it!
— Megan Cunningham, Magnet Media, Founder & CEO
Thank you for all your tremendous work organizing yesterday. It’s bold to bring everyone together from deep machine learning to publishers as brands - but it worked so well! I learnt a lot and met some great people, so thank you so much for including me!
— Sophie Lebrecht, Neon Labs, CEO
The LDV Vision Summit is a fast-paced mix of technology, business, and academic perspectives. You can hear insights from seasoned venture capitalists, major industry players, and young entrepreneurs developing their first vision or machine learning-based startups, packed into just two days. It’s invigorating!
— Dr. David S. Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon University, Research Professor Computer Science Department & Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
LDV brought together entrepreneurs, practitioners and investors for a multidisciplinary discussion about where the future of the visual image is heading. It was a great mix of people who are working inwhat lies ahead for visual media. It is clear we are only at the beginning of what is possible. It was exciting to be part of it.
— Doreen Lorenz, Vidlet, Co-Founder
As comedians, we weren’t quite sure what to expect at the LDV Summit. But seeing as we do much of our work on YouTube and in the digital space, it was really cool to learn about how future technologies will change the ways in which we develop and create content.
— Ethan Fixell, The Dave and Ethan Show