LDV Capital Portfolio: 

2019 September: Uizard scores $2.8M seed round for its app wireframe to prototype dev tool, Steve O’Hear, Techcrunch
2019 July: Voyant Photonics raises $4.3M to fit lidar on the head of a pin, Devin Coldewey, Techcrunch
2019 May: Why These 10 Venture Capitalists Are Investing in Visual Technologies, Evan Nisselson in Linkedin
2019 April: The startup behind that deep-fake David Beckham video just raised $3M, Techcrunch
2019 April: How AR and VR are driving return on investment in the Enterprise Reality Ecosystem
2019 February: Forbes 30 under 30 select Tony Beltramelli, CEO/Co-Founder of Uizard
2019 February: Healthcare by 2028 will be doctor-directed, patient-owned and powered by visual technologies by Evan Nisselson, Techcrunch
2019 January: So…. You Want to Raise a VC Fund? by Yonah Monk, Vintage IP
2018 December: Toyota Hits The Water With An Investment In Robo-Ships (Sea Machines) by Alex Davis, Wired
2018 December: Sea Machines Raises a $10M Series A Round Led by Accomplice
2018 May: Uizard - Uizard raises funds for its AI that turns design mockups into source code
2018 April: Mapillary raises $15 million to boost its digital mapping for self-driving vehicles
2018 March: Upskill - Augmented reality firm Upskill adds new high-profile investors in latest funding round
2018 January: Clarifai - Cloud AI Startups Steel Themselves as Tech Giants Arrive, Tomio Geron, WSJ (paywall)
2017 October: Upskill - Upskill Skylight update aimed at bringing augmented reality to mainstream, by Ron Miller, Techcrunch
2017 September: Sea Machines, Robo-Boats Are Setting Sail in Boston, by Joshua Brustein in Bloomberg
2017 September: Clarifai, Battling Giants by Aaron Tilley in Forbes
2017 September: Sea Machines, Self-Driving Boats: The Next Tech Transportation Race by AP in NYTimes
2017 July: Clarifai, Clarifai launches SDK for training AI on your iPhone, by Khari Johnson in Venture Beat
2017 June: Mapillary, The battle for territory in digital cartography by The Economist
2017 May: The Web's Premier Free Photo Library Opens Up Its Vaults by Wired
2017 May: Mapillary opens up 25k street-level images to train automotive AI systems by TechCrunch


LDV Vision Summit 

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Speaking Events and Press:

  • 2018: February: LDV Capital Raises $10M Second Seed Fund for Visual Technologies
    2018: February: LDV Capital Raises Seed Fund for Visual Tech [WSJ paywall]
    2017 October: Future Labs AI Summit, NYU University, NYC
    2017: October: Decoded Fashion Summit, NYC
    2017: October: DataEngConf, Columbia University, NYC
    2017 October: Summit AI. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2017 June: DigitalK Keynote. Sofia, Bulgaria
    2016 November: DataEng Conference, VC Panel - The Present Future ... Startups, NYC
    2016 November: Soho House & Youtube Creative Tech Summit, London, England
    2016 November: How To Web 2016, Bucharest, Romania
    2016 November: DataEngConf, New York, US.
    2016 June: The Europas, London. Boom or Bust? Reality Check for Virtual and Augmented Reality
    2016 February: SecondHome, London - Building Visual Technology & Computer Vision Startups
    2016 February: MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA -Building Visual Technology & Computer Vision Startups
    2015 December: Speaker at The Next Web, New York City
    2015 November: Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Pittsburgh. Presentation for Masters Of Computer Vision
    2015 September: Inc Magazine: Knife, Fork, Investment: How Monthly Dinner Gatherings Feed An Entrepreneurial Network
    2015 April: TNW Conference, Amsterdam: Keynote Images Will Help Hedge Funds Make Millions, Advertisers Know When We Are Happy or Sad, and Improve Our Health!
    2015: April: Kauffman Fellows Class 19: Personal Brand: Developing a Market Identity
    2014 December: Speaker at The Next Web Conference NYC: VIDEO: Visual Web Fuels Growth & Revenue
    2014 November: Proud two of our LDV Community Melissa Gonzalez Tucker Max who met at one of our monthly Entrepreneur Dinners, worked to help each other, a book is now published and a successful business was formed in only a couple months!
    2014 November: On the PMA Podcast: Evan Nisselson on Investing in photography’s future

  • 2014 December: The Next Web - Speaker, NYC
    2014 July: WSJ Article: When It Feels Like Life or Death for a Startup

  • 2014 April: TNW One Passion presentation: Decisendipity [Video]

  • 2014 April: Co - Master of Ceremonies at the Next Web Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2014 January: Speaker at Kotra Global Startup & Career Vision. Seoul, Korea

  • 2013 December: LeWeb Startup Competition Judge. Paris, France

  • 2013 December: Master Ceremonies Startup Competition Techcrunch Moscow, Russia.

  • 2013 December: Startup AddVenture Keynote. European Startups Raising Capital in US - Why, When, Where, How. Kiev, Ukraine

  • 2013 December: Techpeaks Demo Day Fireside Chat with Jon Bradford, MD Techstars. Trento, Italy

  • 2013 December: Techpeaks People Accelerator Demo Day. Trento, Italy

  • 2013 October: Techcocktail Celebrate, Judge. Vegas, US

  • 2013 October: MC Startup Competition. Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2013 October: The Next Web Conference. NYC, US

  • 2013 August: Pirate Summit Speaker. Cologne, Germany

  • 2013 July: MC of the BizSpark Summit. Berlin, Germany

  • 2013 April: MC TNW Conference Startup Rally. Amsterdam

  • 2012 November: Speaker at Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2012 November: Capital on Stage - Reverse Investor Pitch. NYC, US.

  • 2012 October: Opening the IDCEE International Conference as Co-Master of Ceremonies. Kiev, Ukraine.

  • 2012 October: IDCEE Master of Ceremonies Interview. Kiev, Ukraine

  • 2012 Sept.: Mentor and Speaker at Mind The Bridge Boot Camp. Trento, Italy.

  • 2012 Sept: Techcrunch Rome, Italy. Interviewing Riccardo Zacconi, CEO King.com

  • 2012 Sept.: MC at European Pirate Startup Conference. Cologne, Germany

  • 2012 Sept.: MC Seedcamp Investor Day. London, England

  • 2012 July: Keynote Intro Video for Int'l Startup Festival. Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 July: MC for Int'l Startup Festival. Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 July: Moderated panel at Seedcamp NYC on Community Management

  • 2012 June: Moderated panel Seedcamp Zagreb, Croatia "Raising $ vs growing organically."

  • 2012 May: Speaking at Founder's Institute. Santiago, Chile

  • 2012 April: Co-Hosting Start-up Competition at The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam.

  • 2011: SXSW TechCocktail Interview "Delivering Happiness"

  • 2011 September: MC for Seedcamp Investor Day [cameo min. 1:59]

  • 2008 November: Digital Railroad shuts down operations.

  • 2007 November: Nisselson transitions to DRR Chairman of the Board

  • 2007 April: Digital Railroad Marketplace launches

  • 2007 February: Digital Railroad secures $10M to accelerate product dev. & expand int'l

  • 2005 June: Digital Railroad Raises $5.2 Million From Morgenthaler and Venrock

  • 2005 Feb: Digital Railroad launches Photo Feeds at Demo Conf.

  • 2003: Founded Digital Railroad and announced in 2004

  • 2004: Will more than 100 billion digital images be captured worldwide in 2005?

  • 2003: Why will wireless camera phones revolutionize the photography industry?

  • 1999: Lyra Research - "Nisselson is a retro-futuristic type."

  • 1998: Conceived 1st Broadband Photo Portal @Home Network, Intel invested $3M