Prove that you are computer vision experts! 

[Updated Competition Guidelines April 19, 2016]

Face off against your fellow Computer Vision and Machine Learning enthusiasts for a chance to present your solutions to top industry Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, startups and major companies that are recruiting talented people. Last year several competitors have been hired and/or have met others with whom they are now building companies.

We are still in the early days of our LDV Vision Summit Entrepreneur Computer Vision Challenges with the goal of showcasing computer vision experts at our LDV Vision Summit. We have reviewed the ECVC submissions and have decided to evolve our competition to a broader call for people to highlight great computer vision projects. 

We know you are very busy working on research and/or development in one or more initiatives. We have decided to focus on the open ended Challenge #6 which was posted. 

This gives you the opportunity to showcase work you are already working on or completed in the last 6 months.

These Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenges have been created by:
Computer Vision Program: Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech
Computer Vision Advisors: Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary 
Coordinators: Andreas Veit, PhD Student & AOL Fellow, Cornell University; Oscar Beijbom, UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral Researcher

We invite you to apply with a short writeup of a project that you are already working on.

- Showcase your work to top tier experts & investors in visual technology
- Raise financing from investors or partnerships
- Recruit others to collaborate with you
- Highlight your work to be acquired by big companies
- Sub-finalists receive one free ticket to our Summit.

- Submit your project writeup [link to form]. Either a project you are working on now or completed in the last 6 months.
- Sub-finalists will prepare for mentoring sessions by evolving their project to our template presentation format.
- ~15 projects will be selected as sub-finalists
- Sub-finalists will receive 1-2 remote mentor session with Evan Nisselson
- Sub-finalists will have final mentoring & judging on May 23 in NYC for final selection
- ~5 will be selected to present on stage in front of top-tier judges and the audience

Deadline To Submit: April 29, 2016, 23:59 EDT

Check out updated speaker list including ECVC judges and our agenda is live. Videos from past LDV Vision Summits and competitors.


Good luck!

Serge, Jan Erik, Evan & Andreas

Any questions?
Please contact: 
 Andreas Veit  



APIs and SDKs:

Apply to gain access to these:

Youtube: Do want to enhance your app with video, a rich set of YouTube APIs can bring your products to life.

Newaer: Proximity Platform SDK.Looking for a lightweight way to make your app context aware that works across all types of devices and platforms.

NYC Open Data: makes the wealth of public data generated by various New York City agencies and other City organizations available for public use.

Mapillary: Crowdsourced Street Level Photos Discover places, get inspired, and capture the world around you.

Instagram: You can surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second, in fun and innovative ways.

Twilio: Powering Modern Communications.  Build the next generation of Voice and SMS applications.

Zillow: API Network turns member sites into mini real estate portals by offering fresh and provocative real estate content to keep people coming back.

Trulia: A real estate search engine that provides buyers with information about homes for sale, real estate trends and local market information.

Clarifai: Bring the future into focus with our world class visual recognition system. Make sense of your data.

Pond5: The Marketplace for Creativity. Royalty-free footage, audio, images, and visual effects.

Vimeo: Many ways you can interact with Vimeo programatically.

Getty: Seamlessly integrate Getty Images' expansive digital imagery, powerful search technology and rich metadata into your publishing tools, products and services.

Shutterstock: Over 40 Million Stock Photos, Vectors, Videos, and Music Tracks.Find everything you need for your creative projects.

Mapbox: Whether you're a developer or designer, realtor or runner, the Mapbox stack is equipped with tools for quickly sharing custom maps.

Twitter Fabric solves this problem by combining all seven of our SDKs under one roof and organizing them into three Kits.

Google Maps 
has a wide array of APIs that let you embed the robust functionality and everyday usefulness of Google Maps into your own website or mobile. 

Facebook: Grow your app and get more installs with mobile app install ads and engagement ads.

Flickr: API provides the ability to view, manipulate, and search photo tags, display photos from a specific user or group, retrieve tags to construct URLs to particular photos or photo group.

Pinterest: is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.

Happy to review others to be added to this list. Contact us.