LDV Vision Summit 2016: Agenda

Digital photography and video technologies are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business.

New innovations are emerging every month and the digital imaging market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world.

Join us for an interactive two-day summit to discuss trends and technologies in digital imaging and video technology. Meet the world’s brightest technology innovators – and learn firsthand how their visions will transform visual communication and boost or disrupt your businesses.

Who should attend?

» Technology executives evaluating imaging and video companies for partnerships & acquisitions
» Media and brand executives interested in boosting revenue by leveraging new imaging and video products and technologies
» Investors: Visual technologies & businesses deliver tremendous upside - don't miss the next Instagram, Youtube, Oculus, Snapchat...  
» Imaging and video startups interested in meeting investors, customers, recruiting and potential partners
» Creatives: Photographers, Videographers and anyone creating content
» Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence experts and professionals

* Program being updated daily

Day 1:  May 24, 2016

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC

Technology Deep Dive

8:00 - 8:50am: Registration and Coffee

9am - Keynote: It’s coming! The Internet of Eyes will allow objects to see. #IoEyes In the near future, every inanimate object we interact with may not only have the ability to see, but could also improve our lives. In order for this visibility to happen, objects will need the assistance of visual sensors and cameras. There are tremendous opportunities for new businesses, investments and hopefully these will help improve our lives. 
Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

Computer Vision Challenges and Success

9:15am - Keynote: How a Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence researcher turned tech startup entrepreneur & then sells his company to Apple. Nico was born in France, where he received two M.Sc. in computer science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. After receiving his PhD in Neuroscience from MIT in 2010 and teaching at Harvard, he co-founded Perceptio in 2012 which pioneered privacy-preserving mobile deep learning technology, running entirely on smartphones. Apple acquired Perceptio in late 2014. He will share his personal stories and his wisdom for the future of deep neural networks & artificial intelligence impact on how we interact with multimedia content.
- Nicolas Pinto, Apple, Mobile Deep Learning

9:25am - Keynote: MIT PhD Goes From Researcher To Entrepreneur And Is Acquired by VSCO. Yuanzhen graduated MIT with a PhD in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. She started her company Moving Sciences which focused on visual discovery using computer vision and machine learning. It was a one person project, working nights and weekends for a few years, then she left her finance job to focus full time and soon after sold to VSCO. She will share her journey from researcher to entrepreneur, how VSCO is incorporating deep learning and what’s next?
- Yuanzhen Li, VSCO, Director of Engineering

9:30am - Panel: Visual Sensor Networks Will Empower Businesses & Humanity. More and more visual sensors are being leveraged in the commercial and home markets. From energy and real-time data management in smart commercial buildings, to home video security and monitoring our babies when they sleep. How will they empower businesses and humanity?
Moderator: Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital
Gaile Gordon, Enlighted, Senior Director Technology
Chris Rill, Canary, CTO & Co-Founder
- Jan Kautz, NVIDIA, Director of Visual Computing Research

10:05am - Break: Networking & Coffee

10:45am -Keynote:  A Visual Stepping Stone to Artificial Intelligence. What do the recent advances in computer vision mean for AI? Computer vision and AI are intertwined, yet insights gained in one may not be applicable to the other. The future of AI research depends on identifying these differences and finding new and creative solutions.
- Larry Zitnick, Facebook, Artificial Intelligence Research Lead

10:55am - Panel:  Where will Computer Vision Be in 5, 10 & 20 years? There is exponential growth recently with businesses leveraging computer vision. Dozens of computer vision companies have recently been acquired by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, GoPro, Twitter and other major players. How will image recognition disrupt businesses and empower humanity? How can we inspire more researchers to bring their visions to market? Could computer vision become a commodity? If yes, when?
Moderator: Taylor Davidson, Unstructured Ventures, Managing Director
Ramesh Jain, UCI, Prof., Computer Vision
Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech, Prof., Computer Vision
Stacey Svetlichnaya, Flickr, Software Developer, Vision & Machine Learning
Nikhil Rasiwasia, Snapdeal, Principal Scientist

INVESTORS: Trends in Visual Communications Technology

11:35am - Fireside Chat: Howard Morgan Of First Round Capital And Evan Nisselson Of LDV Capital. Howard and Evan will discuss future investment trends and early stage opportunities in businesses leveraging visual technologies.
Howard Morgan, First Round Capital, Partner & Co-Founder
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

12:10pm - Lunch

1:40pm - Fireside Chat: Bijan Sabet Of Spark Capital With Evan Nisselson Of LDV Capital. Bijan and Evan will discuss future investment trends and early stage opportunities in businesses leveraging visual technologies.
- Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital, General Partner & Co-Founder
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

3:00pm - Break, Networking & Bar is open

Augmented & Virtual Reality

3:40pm - Keynote: Design Patterns for Evolving Storytelling Through Virtual and Mixed Reality Technologies. Heather Raikes has a PhD in Digital Arts and Experimental Media and is currently Creative Director at Seattle-based virtual and mixed reality development studio 8ninths. She will discuss archetypes that underscore the fundamentals of storytelling and emerging design patterns that can be applied to virtual and mixed reality technologies.
- Heather Raikes, 8ninths, Creative Director, Augmented | Virtual Reality

3:45pm - Keynote: Deep Learning for Augmented Reality Applications. Tomasz studied at MIT/CMU and works on deep learning at Magic Leap. Deep Learning has been a game changer when it comes to building large-scale object recognition systems in the cloud.  However, Augmented Reality applications need to be real-time and tether is often not possible.  Tomasz will outline some challenges for Deep Learning and overview a handful of open problems in the computer vision space while looking toward the future.
- Tomasz Malisiewicz, Magic Leap, Lead Software Engineer, Deep Learning

Business Imaging Applications

3:55pm - Keynote: Scaling huge infrastructure systems can be a nightmare. Expert advice from an early employee at Google, founder of ImageShack and now Nventify. Jack has been scaling huge infrastructure systems for years especially systems needing to support billions of visual files. He was an early employee at Google and then founded ImageShack which Sequoia funded. He most recently started Nventify which is a real-time image processing engine designed to fit and be part of other cloud services. Jack will share his thoughts on: When and how should you scale? How did he solve nightmare situations? How will visual content be technically managed today, tomorrow and in 20 years?
Jack Levin, Nventify, CEO

4:05pm - Keynote: Intelligent Advertising:  How Computer Vision Is Rapidly Reshaping Online Advertising. Computer vision technologies are empowering many businesses including the advertising sector. Ken is CTO of GumGum which leverages computer vision to analyze images and delivery valuable campaigns and insights. How is computer vision solutions increasing value for the advertising market today, tomorrow and in 10 years?
Ken Weiner, GumGum, CTO

4:10pm - Panel: Autonomous Driving Would Not Be Possible Without Leveraging Visual Technologies. Semi and fully autonomous vehicles rely on visual technologies such as Lidar, cameras, 3d maps, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more. These technologies are leveraged outside of cars to enable driving. They will also be leveraged inside cars for safety and other benefits we haven’t even contemplated yet. What are the technical challenges and opportunities today, tomorrow and in the future?
Moderator: Mike Murphy, Quartz, Reporter
Sanjiv Nanda, Qualcomm Research, VP, Engineering  
- Laszlo Kishonti, AdasWorks, CEO

4:45pm - Keynote:  reCAPTCHA: anti-spam, crowdsourcing, and humanity.  reCAPTCHA was created 9 years ago as an anti-spam tool which also crowdsourced books digitization. reCAPTCHA has been pushing the boundary of research on OCR that today machines can read text much better than human. With the re-imagined ""No CAPTCHA"" reCAPTCHA, it pivots into the natural image recognition space and empowers deep learning system from millions of brilliant human minds everyday. Ying Liu from Google reCAPTCHA will share the story of re-inventing reCAPTCHA and how it keeps improving humanity today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now.
Ying Liu, Google, reCAPTCHA, Manager

4:55pm - Keynote: Marr Prize Winner Explores How Dropout Distillation & Neural Networks Will Empower Mapping & Society. Peter was part of a team who won the Marr prize for outstanding computer vision research about "Deep Neural Decision Forests."
His research mainly concentrates on machine learning with decision trees, clustering and evolutionary game theory.  He will share his novel approach, coined 'dropout distillation', that allows us to train better and more efficient predictors.  
Peter Kontschieder, Mapillary, Computer Vision Researcher

Closing - Announce winners and thanks

5:10pm - Drinks & Networking  


Day 2: May 25, 2016

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC

Business and Products

8:00 - 8:50am: Registration and Coffee

9am - Keynote: How Visual Technologies Are Revolutionizing Business & Humanity 
Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

Creativity And Cameras

9:10am - Keynote: Iconic Photos and their Impact on Society--Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow What makes an image iconic? Dr. Walsh discusses her current project on a seminal photo taken three decades ago, examining its significant impact on the local society then and its legacy today, in a changing visual landscape. The rise of digital technologies and the ease of making and disseminating pictures are redefining the way we see and react to iconic photos.
- Lauren Walsh, NYU, Professor & Director of the NYU Gallatin Summer Photojournalism Lab

9:20am - Keynote: Art plus/minus data. Early engineer at Instagram thrives on mixing data and art to visually communicate.  Gregor has extensive experience working at Microsoft, Google, Instagram and now focuses on his visual creativity. He works on a variety of art and technical projects, with a particular interest in cognition, behavioral art and human communication. He and Jonathan Harris created “Network Effect” which won awards and recently launched “Don’t Play With Your News,” “Truth & Quantity,” and “Silent Sky.” He will showcase some of his creativity and share his views on how the combination of Art plus/minus data will impact humanity.
Gregor Hochmuth, Artist & Engineer

9:30am - Keynote: User Generated Content, The 3D Ecosystem And Its Impact On Virtual Reality. 3D used to be an ecosystem reserved for professionals, just like photoshop was 10 years ago. But with the arrival of 3D cameras into our smartphones, with projects like Google Tango and Intel RealSense, everyone will be able to capture 3D and volumetric content. And with the VR headsets now available, everyone will be able to explore this content in an immersive way. What are the use cases today, and how will this ecosystem evolve over the coming years?
Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab, CEO & Co-Founder

9:35am - Panel: Content Creation For Virtual Reality Is Critical For Success - How Will Pros and Consumers Create 360, 3D, & Virtual Reality Content? 
Moderator: Jessi Hempel, Wired, Senior Writer
Jason Rosenthal, Lytro, CEO
Brian Cabral, Facebook, Dir. Engineering, 360 Camera
Koji Gardiner, Jaunt VR, VP of Engineering

10:10am - Keynote: See the Heat – Thermal Imaging for Everyone. Thermal imaging has been around for decades but historically has been the domain of only militaries, first responders, and commercial applications.  FLIR Systems has recently introduced the core technology that make this powerful capability accessible to almost anyone.  Allowing you to “see the heat,” you can now understand your home's energy efficiency, see water leaks, or even see people and animals in total darkness.  How will this impact industries and daily life today, tomorrow and in 20 years?
Travis Merrill, FLIR Systems, SVP, CMO

10:20am - Break: Networking & Coffee

11:00am - Keynote: How funny videos can help build cultural understanding. Trina has spent her career exploring how entertainment can help bring people from different cultures, races and backgrounds together. From beginning her career at Viacom & MTV to creating content in 12 different languages to help prevent HIV to building a movement using mobile technology to increase women’s access to health care and employment in emerging markets. She believes satire may save the world.   Hear about Trina’s journey and how she’s using funny videos to cut through the clutter and build cultural understanding.
Trina DasGupta, Single Palm Tree Productions, CEO

11:10am - Keynote: GoPro Acquired Stupeflix A Paris Company Who Automagically Creates A Video From Your Photos, Videos and Music. Nicolas is co-founder of Stupeflix whose vision has always been to make it easy and quick for people to express themselves through video. Leveraging computer vision and music matching technology, Stupeflix automagically combines content into one video to share with others. He will share his roller-coaster stories from building Stupeflix from vision, a small business, to acquisition offers which died and ultimately their recent sale to GoPro.                
-Nicolas Steegmann, GoPro, Software Engineering, Senior Director 

11:15am - Keynote: Bringing Computer Vision Capabilities to Sports. Computer Vision will revolutionize the creation and sharing of sports video highlights, including the $14B youth sports market. SportXast is a crowd-sourced mobile video platform that makes capturing and sharing youth sports highlights simple, via an algorithm that identifies and tags players in video. Molly will share her vision of how computer vision will impact youth sports and beyond.         
Molly Cernicek, SportXast, CEO

11:25am - Panel:  Is OTT the New Black? Monetizing digital video has confounded creators and programmers, with syndication leading the list of potential levers to pull. With the promise of OTT, suddenly new revenue streams can be unlocked, new audiences tapped, and money can flow. Right? But how easy is it, after all…
Moderator: Rebecca Paoletti, Cake Works, CEO
Ed Laczynski, Zype, CEO
Patricia Hadden, NBCUniversal, SVP, Digital Enterprises
Steve Davis, Ooyala, VP & GM East

12:10pm - Lunch

INVESTORS: Trends in Visual Communications Technology

1:10pm - Fireside Chat: Josh Elman of Greylock Partners and Evan Nisselson of LDV Capital. Josh and Evan will discuss future investment trends and early stage opportunities in businesses leveraging visual technologies.
Josh Elman, Greylock Partners, Partner
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

3:15pm - Break, Networking & Bar is open

3:55pm - Keynote: Explorations in Storytelling with Immersive Technology: Blurring the Line Between Audience and Story Creators. The evolution of immersive technology is making storytelling a communal, shared experience again by allowing us to build new worlds with our audience. Yasmin Elayat is a new media artist and creative technologist who leverages technology to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling experiences to empower a community of content-creators. Inspired by Egyptians during the first 18 days of the uprising she co-created 18DaysInEgypt, a participatory documentary about the on-going revolution. Yasmin will share her views on on collaborative story-driven experiences from yesterday, today and into the future. 
- Yasmin Elayat, New Media Storyteller, Creative Technologist

Brands, Metrics, & Publishing

4:00pm - Keynote: How Is Computer Vision and User-Generated Content Reshaping The Marketing For Fortune 1000 Companies? Massive amounts of visual content are being shared by users across myriad social networks. It's become impossible for a human alone to identify brand-relevant content and judge its potential for marketing collateral effectively. Pau Sabria will share how computer vision is reshaping the world of marketing and empowering UGC.
Pau Sabria, Olapic, CEO & Co-Founder

4:05pm - Keynote:  An Image Is Really Hundreds Of Data Points That Tell Us Who We Are. Anastasia worked many years at Google and is a serial entrepreneur leveraging technology to better understand visual content. Inside every image lies hundreds of unique data points that provide priceless information about your audience and their revealed visual preferences. Find out how technology can unearth this data to help you make smarter creative decisions and improve your visual strategy.          
Anastasia Leng, Picasso Labs, CEO 

4:10pm - Panel:  The Content Creator’s Dilemma. While costs of creating quality digital video aren’t quite as high as TV’s, the means to support that programming via advertising dollars remains both complicated and often elusive. Enter the innovative brand (and its agency). How can creators play with marketers while maintaining authenticity and originality. Will audiences watch?
Moderator: Rebecca Paoletti, Cake Works, CEO
Doreen Lorenzo, Vidlet, Co-Founder
Liza Pigram, VIMBY, Mark Burnett Content Studio. SVP 
Stone Roberts, Refinery29, VP Programming
Brian Hunt, Believe Entertainment, EVP, Head of Dev. & Believe Studios

4:50pm - Keynote: Blockchain technology will preserve visual content attribution and improve the way we share media across the internet. Every day billions of images are shared online, without their original context or meaning. Yet, every image has a story: someone made it, it’s about a person, place, or thing.  Jesse is co-founder of Mine, who are leading the open-source development of Mediachain, an open data network that aims to make it simple for organizations, individuals, and developers to share and reuse information about creative works. He will share the challenges, trends and opportunities of blockchain technology as an enabler of more efficient content re-use, attribution, and innovation.
Jesse Walden, Mediachain Labs, Co-Founder

4:55pm - Keynote: The Currency Of TV Advertising Is Based On 30 Year Old Technology - Can Audience Insights Via Computer Vision Deliver Individual Viewing Engagement. Television advertisers outspend online advertisers nearly 2 to 1 for a total of $75 billion in the U.S. alone. Historically audience viewing analysis has been household based. However, now there are opportunities to leverage various cameras and computer vision to deliver real-time viewer analysis. Dan will deliver insights into the methods used in the past, present and how visual technologies will impact the future advertising industry.  
Dan Schiffman, TVision Insights, CRO & Co-Founder

5:00pm - Keynote: Let it Simmer: Connecting in the Age of Live Video. Where is the value in user-generated and curated content? Launched earlier this year, Nom is a new platform for telling live stories around food, cooking and travel, launched by Steve Chen and Vijay Karunamurthy of YouTube. While live video and streaming to smartphones are not new, the world of what can be done with multiple iPhones, participants, locations, reactions and beautiful photography has transformed how we can connect and engage as audiences. We'll talk about the challenges and joy of broadcasting from a Sicilian grandmother's kitchen.
Vijay Karunamurthy, Nom, CEO & Co-Founder

Closing - Announce winners and thanks

5:15pm - Drinks & Networking  


* Program will be updated daily