Vision Summit: Competitions

There are three phases to our competitions.
1. Open call for competitors. 
2. Finalists receive pitch coaching by experts. 
3. A selection of finalists are invited to compete on stage in front the audience and judges.



Are you one of the most promising visual technology companies with less than $1.5M in funding

Examples: businesses empowering photography, videography, medical imaging, analytics, robotics, satellite imaging, augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous cars, media and entertainment, gesture recognition, search, advertising, cameras, e-commerce, sentiment analysis, and much more.

Compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~500  attendees including media/brand/tech execs, startups and investors.   

About 20 sub-finalists will receive coaching from Evan Nisselson along with other experts. Finalists will be invited to present on stage at the LDV Vision Summit in front of the audience and judges.

Prize: Win $5,000 credits for Amazon AWS.

Josh Elman, Greylock
Brian Cohen, NY Angels, Chairman
Jessi Hempel, Wired, Senior Writer
David Galvin, IBM Ventures, Watson Ecoystem
Christina Bechhold, Samsung, Investor

Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, Partner
Jason Rosenthal, Lytro, CEO
Barin Nahvi Rovzar, Hearst, Exec. Dir., R&D & Strategy
Steve Schlafman, Principal, RRE Ventures
Alex Iskold, Managing Director, Techstars
Taylor Davidson, Unstructured Ventures
Justin Mitchell, Founding Partner, A# Capital
Richard Tapalaga, Investment Manager, Qualcomm Ventures


Deadline: April 11, 2016, 23:59 EDT



Entrepreneurial Computer
Vision Challenge

Face off against your fellow Computer Vision and Machine Learning enthusiasts for a chance to present your solutions to hundreds of top industry VCs, media executives and companies recruiting.
This is a two month challenge and you can select from a list of different challenges.

About 20 sub-finalists will receive coaching from Evan Nisselson along with other experts. Finalists will be invited to have the opportunity to present on stage at the LDV Summit
in front of the audience and judges.

Prize: Win $5,000 credits for Amazon AWS.

Serge Belongie,Professor, Cornell Tech, Computer Vision
Howard Morgan, First Round, Partner & Co-Founder
Gaile Gordon, Enlighted, Sr. Director, Technology
Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital, General Partner
Devi Parikh, Virginia Tech, Assist. Professor, Computer Vision & AI
Jan Erik Solem -  Mapillary, CEO
Larry Zitnick, Facebook, AI Research, Research Lead
Tamara Berg, UNC, Chapel Hill, Assist. Professor, Computer Vision
Ramesh Jain - Professor, U. California, Irvine, Co-Founder Krumbs
Evan Nisselson - LDV Capital, Partner
Nikhil Rasiwasia, Principal Scientist, Snapdeal

Extended Deadline: April 29, 2016, 23:59 EDT

It was a pleasure judging at the summit, really innovative companies.
— Erik Nordlander, Google Ventures
You do not disappoint. It was truly an honor to participate in the startup competition and to receive the mentoring. I’m sure this will be just a first of a long run of annual LDV Summits.
— Barbara Tien, Ponga, Co-Founder & CEO
I found a great job at Clarifai from meeting the Founder at the last Vision Summit - very happy!
— Genevieve Patterson, Computer Vision PhD Candidate Dartmouth
Very happy I competed in the LDV Vision Summit Computer Vision Challenges. I am actually collaborating with one contact from the Summit on a Shoe Recognition App. I am speaking with another person from the Summit to collaborate on new business leveraging image processing!
— Ankit Sharma, Computer Vision Graduate, U. Florida