LDV Vision Summit 2019: Agenda


Day 1:  May 22, 2019 (8am-6pm)

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC - 333 West 23rd Street

8:00 - 8:50 AM
Registration & Coffee

9:00 AM
Keynote: Visual Technology Investment Opportunities & Trends From Healthcare, Synthetic Media, Logistics to Nanophotonics
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, General Partner

9:10 AM
Keynote: Photorealistic Avatars, Starting with E-Commerce Shopping
Forma is building photorealistic avatars that are a dynamic and deeply personal form for people’s online identity. Through Forma’s computer vision and graphics technology, users today can try on any outfit with a single photo, and soon can star in any YouTube clip, movie, video game, or VR/AR world. Ben will discuss how Forma’s technology is already transforming e-commerce where online shoppers are demanding to try something on before buying just like in offline retail.
- Benjamin Chiang, Forma Technologies, Co-Founder & CEO

9:15 AM
Panel: Synthetic Media Will Disrupt or Empower Media & Technology Giants
The world’s most valuable media and technology companies (Google, Facebook, Hearst, Amazon, News Corp, Netflix, Disney and Baidu, etc) will be impacted by synthetic data. Synthetic data is computer-generated data that mimics real data; in other words, data that is created by a computer, not a human. Software algorithms and 3Dgraphics can be designed to create realistic simulated, or “synthetic,” media and data. Synthetic media has the potential to empower and disrupt industries from retail, robotics, media production, autonomous vehicles, commerce and much more. Our expert panelists will discuss the technology, business challenging and timing for impact.
- Moderator: Alexandra Ossola, Quartz, Deputy Special Projects Editor
- Sergey Nikolenko, Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Laboratory Head
- Lourdes Agapito, University College London, Professor 3D Vision & Synthesia, Co-Founder
- Daeil Kim, AI.Reverie, Founder & CEO

9:50 AM
Keynote: Autonomous Vehicles to Transform Urban Logistics
Gatik is developing autonomous vehicles for B2B goods delivery. While most OEMs are readjusting their timelines for their robotaxi deployment, Gatik is already hitting the road by automating deliveries within and between cities. Apeksha will discuss the unique approach the team is taking to training their vehicles, how it gives them an edge, and how true autonomy can only be achieved by using a hybrid approach - deep learning to train individual aspects of driving and using the conventional robotics techniques(or rules) to provide multimodal redundancy and decision-making.
- Apeksha Kumavat, Gatik, Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

9:55 AM
Keynote: Human/Robot Collaboration Ensures Scalable, Flexible & Fault Tolerant Systems
Plus One is developing robots to tackle the challenges of material handling for logistics. Christina will discuss how their automated, mixed parcel singulation system is using computer vision and deep learning to bridge the gap between steady state volume and surge. She will share her perspective on why human/robot collaboration and visual technologies are the future of logistics.
- Christina Gomez-Terry, Plus One Robotics, Systems Integration Manager

10:00 AM
Keynote: How Will Robots With Eyes Transform Logistics
It is a simple task for a child to pick up various size items, but for logistics it has been a big hurdle to automate one of the most labor-intensive aspects of e-commerce: grabbing items off shelves and packing them for shipping. Tom is Co-Founder & CTO of IAM Robotics who is leveraging visual technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Their technology solutions enable mobile robots to manipulate, grab and move objects around warehouses with the ability to see. He will enlighten us with the technical challenges with robots today, tomorrow and how they will impact the logistics industry over the next decade.
- Tom Galluzzo, IAM Robotics, Founder & CTO

10:05 AM
Break: Networking & Coffee

11:00 AM
Fireside Chat: Reimagining the Relationship Between Humans & Machines with Neural Interface Technology
Thomas Reardon is a neuroscientist, software developer, and CEO of CTRL-labs. Launched with two fellow scientists from Columbia University, CTRL-labs builds radically pragmatic non-invasive neural interface technology with single-neuron resolution. Prior to his PhD research, Reardon had a storied career in software development. He spent a decade at Microsoft, best known for launching the Internet Explorer project. As a founding member of the W3C, Reardon contributed widely to the early architecture, protocols, and standards of the web. Thomas and Evan will discuss the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship, how neural interfaces might leverage visual technologies, and hear his advice for others building businesses.
- Thomas Reardon, CTRL-labs, CEO

11:35 AM
Keynote: DNA Nanotechnology to Image Cells and Diagnose Diseases at the Earliest Stage
Neurodegenerative diseases lack non-invasive, accurate diagnostic tests. Esya Labs is using subcellular imaging and DNA nanoprobes to test for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more via blood tests. Dr Krishnan will discuss how her proprietary techniques for diagnosing disease and monitoring progression at the cellular level makes it possible to detect disease earlier and more accurately.
- Yamuna Krishnan, Esya Labs, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder & University of Chicago, Professor

11:40 AM
Keynote: Using Big Data for Precision Cancer Treatment
At Weill Cornell, Dr Elemento is applying big data analytics to cancer genomics and drug discovery to further the practice of precision medicine. They have published over 200 scientific papers in the area of genomics, epigenomics, computational biology and drug discovery. He will showcase the work he is doing in precision care for cancer patients and discuss what he sees as the future of the precision medicine paradigm and how this will affect society in 10-20 years.
- Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, Director & Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Associate Director

11:50 AM
Keynote: Overcoming Disability through Precision Bionics
Despite the incredible innovations of the digital age, technology has done little to help those living with physical disabilities. Serial entrepreneur and technologist Jeremiah Robison will share how Cionic’s wearable solutions will provide comprehensive analysis and precise augmentation to enhance human performance, restore physical function, and increase independence. How will their bionic clothing leverage visual tech, sensors, soft robotics, and machine learning to improve lives?
- Jeremiah Robison, CIONIC, Founder & CEO

12:00 PM
Panel: Computer Vision and Machine Learning will Power Diagnostics
As healthcare workflows become mostly digitized, more personal data is being captured and computer vision, along with artificial intelligence, will automate the analysis of that data for precision care. Much of the digitized data will be visual. XRays and MRIs, for example, won’t be read by humans but by computer vision and AI. Our panelists will discuss how they are using computer vision and machine learning to revolutionize care.
- Moderator: Abby Hunter-Syed, LDV Capital, VP of Operations
- Panelists:
- Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, MGH/Harvard Medical School, Director of QTIM lab, Center of Machine Learning
- Kyle Stanley, Pearl, Chief Clinical Officer
- Nafissa Yakubova, Facebook AI Research, Visiting Researcher

12:35 PM
Lunch & Networking

1:40 PM
Fireside Chat: The Next Billion Dollar Companies at the Frontiers of Computer Vision
Nabeel is a former founder, CEO, and now General Partner at Spark Capital. As a former engineer and designer, he has invested regularly at the forefront of visual technology companies. He has led rounds and served on the board of such breakouts as Cruise (sold to GM for over $1B), Capella Space, North (formerly Thalmic Labs), and Rylo. Nabeel and Evan will talk about investment opportunities in visual technology companies and advice for entrepreneurs building businesses.
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, General Partner
- Nabeel Hyatt, Spark Capital, General Partner

2:15 PM
Panel: Trends in Visual Technology Investing
Zoom and Pinterest are two visual technology IPOs that are recent successes and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Our panel will explore trends in visual technologies across all business sectors and society. Where are the next visual technology investment opportunities?
- Moderator: Jessi Hempel, LinkedIn, Senior Editor at Large
- Panelists:
- Hadley Harris, Eniac, Founding General Partner
- Laura Smoliar, Berkeley Catalyst Fund, Founding Partner
- Zavian Dar, Lux Capital, Partner

2:50 PM
Competition: Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge [ECVC]
Finalists will give four-minute presentations and answer three minutes of questions from the judges.
- Nabeel Hyatt, Spark Capital
- Hadley Harris, Eniac Ventures
- Zavain Dar, Lux Capital
- Johannes Kopf, Facebook
- Andrew Rabinovich, Magic Leap
- Gaile Gordon, LDV Capital
- Lourdes Agapito, UCL & Synthesia
- Frances Schwiep, Two Sigma Ventures

Winners receive:
+$100K in prizes from: Google Cloud, Latham & Watkins, Hubspot, and Brex

3:25 PM
Break: Drinks & Networking

4:10 PM
Keynote: Understanding Image Quality and Trust in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces 
As any savvy online shopper knows, second-hand peer-to-peer marketplaces are filled with images of mixed quality. How does image quality impact marketplace outcomes, and can quality be automatically predicted? Xiao will discuss how her large-scale study on the quality of user-generated images proved that image quality is associated with higher likelihood that an item will be sold. She will highlight how her work plays into the future of ecommerce.
- Xiao Ma, Cornell Tech, PhD Candidate in Informational Science

4:15 PM
Keynote: Accelerating Artificial Intelligence With Light
Lightmatter is combining electronics, photonics, and new algorithms to create a next-generation computing platform purpose-built for artificial intelligence. They recently closed a $22M A-1 round lead by GV with participation from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, and Stanford University, bringing their total A raise to $33M. Nick will talk about what this new compute platform means for AI in the next 5, 10, 20 years.
- Nicholas Harris, Lightmatter, CEO

4:20 PM
Keynote: Can Silicon Photonics Deliver Chip-Scale LIDAR to Scan a 3D Map of our World?
LIDAR (laser radar) products on the market today are bulky, heavy, unreliable, and expensive.  Silicon photonics promises to overturn the industry by shrinking LIDAR from the size of a softball to a chip that fits on a fingertip, manufacturable at massive scale.  Shrinking the size and cost of these sensors enables their use in every kind of machine that needs to see the world around it: autonomous vehicles, drones, robots, mapping, even mobile phones.  Chris is Co-founder & CEO of Voyant Photonics.  He will share his insights on the state of the art for LIDAR, their chip-scale LIDAR solution, and a future of ubiquitous active sensing.
- Chris Phare, Voyant Photonics, Co-Founder & CEO

4:25 PM
Keynote: Capturing Vivid 3D Models of the World from Video
As humans we take the ability to perceive the 3D world around us for granted. From an early age we can grasp an object by adapting our fingers to its 3D shape; or understand our mother’s feelings by interpreting her facial expressions. These tasks require some internal 3D representation of shape, deformations and motion. Building algorithms that can emulate this level of human 3D perception has proved to be an extremely hard task. In this talk I will focus on the acquisition of 3D models of deformable surfaces, such as human faces or bodies, using as input video sequences taken with a single consumer camera. There is now great short-term potential for commercial uptake of this technology. I will share how my research can empower business and society showing some applications to robotics and to AI-driven video synthesis.
- Lourdes Agapito, University College London, Professor 3D Vision & Synthesia, Co-Founder

4:35 PM
Keynote: Computer Vision to Enhance Situational Awareness for Autonomous Vessels
Fiona will inspire how Sea Machines is leveraging diverse visual data and visual technologies to enhance situational awareness for commercial surface vessels. For work boats, ferries, cargo ships and other commercial surface vessels,  autonomous and visual perception are core technologies to the Sea Machines' solution. Fiona will share the challenges, opportunities and vision of leveraging perception to deliver autonomy.
- Fiona Hua, Sea Machines Robotics, Lead Perception Researcher

4:40 PM
Keynote: 3D Photography
In the Computational Photography research group at Facebook, Johannes’ work covers a broad range across computer graphics, vision, and machine learning. He recently created the technology behind 3D Photos on Facebook, a new medium used by millions of people. 3D Photos leverage a variety of modern computer vision and graphics technologies to enable interactively changing the viewpoint of the picture. They are captured with normal cell phones in a single shot. Johannes will discuss how his research is fueling 3D imaging today and what 3D imaging will be like in 10 to 20 years.
- Francis Ge, Facebook, Software Engineer

4:55 PM
Closing: Announce ECVC Winner & Thanks

5:00 PM
Drinks & Networking


Day 2: May 23, 2019 (8am-4pm)

Location: SVA Theatre, NYC - 333 West 23rd Street

8:00 - 8:50 AM
Registration & Coffee

9:00 AM
Keynote: Visual Technology is Critical for Artificial Intelligence Success
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, General Partner

9:05 AM
Keynote: Revolutionizing Cancer Screening with Computer Vision & AI
Multiple components in cancer screening rely on the painstaking study and analysis of visual inputs, making visual technology ripe for disruption. In its current stage, Ezra is focused on detecting prostate cancer through MRI scans that are then analyzed by artificial intelligence. Emi will showcase the tech Ezra is utilizing to detect prostate cancer and how he believes computer vision will revolutionize MRI-based cancer screening.
- Emi Gal, Ezra, Co-Founder & CEO

9:10 AM
Keynote: The Greatest Visual Technology Opportunities in Telemedicine
The number of virtual doctor office visits is projected to surpass physical visits in the next five years. The biggest opportunity for visual technology in telemedicine is in solving specific use cases. Jeff will discuss why he thinks that visual technology will be essential to capturing patient vital signs, analyzing and diagnosing eye and skin problems, and in treating musculoskeletal issues.
- Jeff Nadler, Teladoc Health, Chief Information Officer

9:15 AM
Keynote: Combining AI and Ultrasound to Fight Breast Cancer
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. iSono Health is combining AI and automated 3D ultrasound to empower women and physicians with accessible and personalized breast health monitoring. Their scanner automatically captures the whole breast volume in 1min; it attaches to a bra-like accessory for repeatable imaging. iSono's system empowers physicians with 3D visualization and localization, and communicates with a deep learning algorithm to identify abnormal masses and track changes in breast tissue. Maryam will share how their approach and visual tech will impact breast cancer today and into the future.
- Maryam Ziaei, iSono Health, Co-Founder & CEO

9:20 AM
Keynote: From Spy Mag to Video Insights with Attitude Tom Phillips has had a looong career spanning internet bubbles and business cycles, from publisher of Spy magazine to early internet entrepreneur at Starwave/ESPN, Google Director of Search & Analytics to president of business insights startup Section4. Tom will share his views on how technology empowers and disrupts media — past, present and future. How will data-driven video journalism take hold, and ultimately benefit society?
- Tom Phillips, Section4, President

9:30 AM
Keynote: Reinventing Shared Experiences Online Through Visual Tech
FTW Studios is creating experiences designed to bring people together - to be a part of live, shared moments. Avner, who founded Odigo (sold to Comverse) and Boxee (sold to Samsung), will speak about the first show he’s launch out of FTW called Out of Tune. He will share how he is looking to reinvent shared experiences online, increase engagement among people, and do away with the loneliness of our digital experience. 
- Avner Ronen, FTW Studios, Founder & CEO

9:35 AM
Panel: The Future of Storytelling with Interactive Video Click, click, swipe. Two decades’ of video tech investment have changed the streaming game completely. From the omnimpresent “lower third” YouTube ad unit, consumers can now click, shop, share, bet, game, and even choose their own ending. How much interactivity is too much? How do we handle video standards and measurement? And is all video storytelling meant to be inherently social?
- Moderator: Rebecca Paoletti, CEO & Co-Founder of CakeWorks
- Panelists:
- Dan Garraway, WireWax, Co-Founder
- Tal Zubalsky, Eko, Co-Founder & CPO
- Beth-Ann Eason, Innovid, President

10:10 AM
Keynote: Can Video and AI Empower More Virtual Collaboration?
Video has become paramount to the way we communicate and share stories but in the business and education worlds, using video for real communication and collaboration often falls flat. Edo Segal, a serial entrepreneur who sold his previous company Relegance to AOL, is looking to change everything about the way we collaborate and learn by applying AI and deep learning to our video communications. Edo will share with us how communications will become smarter, events more accessible and workplaces more virtual over the decades to come with the help of AI.
- Edo Segal, TouchCast, Founder & CEO

10:15 AM
Break: Networking & Coffee

11:00 AM
Fireside Chat: From Investing at Allen & Company, Public Company CFO to Union Square Ventures
Gillian and Evan have known each other since mentoring together at an accelerator in 2012. Her impressive career started as a camp counselor, then a sell side equity analyst, head of M&A at Symbol Technologies, an early stage investor at Allen & Company, and most recently a public company CFO at XO Group which sold to WeddingWire in a $933M deal. She recently joined Union Square Ventures as a partner. Their conversation will explore the roller coaster experiences as an investor across multiple stages, entrepreneur at companies, visual technologies impact on businesses and what types of people she wants to invest in at Union Square Ventures.
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, General Partner
- Gillian Munson, Union Square Ventures, Partner

11:35 AM
Keynote: Can Synthetic Media Exponentially Scale Video Production Globally?
Video production is exponentially increasing but it is extremely challenging to internationalize and cost effectively personalize advertising, marketing, and e-learning videos across cultures. Victor Riparbelli will share how their company Synthesia is leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence to synthesize video production for brands and creators. They recently empowered David Beckham to speak in 9 languages across Malaria survivors speaking through David Beckham to help raise awareness around the Malaria Must Die initiative.
- Victor Riparbelli, Synthesia, Co-Founder & CEO

11:45 AM
Keynote: Nanophotonics Impact on Our Society
Michal Lipson is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and a member of the National Academy of Science. Her research focus is on nanophotonics and she pioneered critical building blocks in the field of Silicon Photonics, which today is recognized as one of the most promising directions for solving the major bottlenecks in microelectronics. She was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship and named by Thomson Reuters as a top 1% most highly cited researcher in the field of Physics. She will share how nanophotonics will impact society over the coming decades. She will highlight how it enables to drastically miniaturize as well as to lower the cost and energy of hardware for applications ranging from augmented reality projection systems, to high power computing for Artificial Intelligence.
- Michal Lipson, Columbia NeuroTechnology Center, Eugene Higgins Professor & MacArthur Fellow

11:55 AM
Keynote: Selling Strobe LiDAR to GM & Other Entrepreneurship Stories
Julie Schoenfeld is a serial visual tech entrepreneur having sold Perfect Market to Taboola in 2014, shortly before starting up Strobe a low cost hight performance LiDAR that is key to enabling autonomous vehicles to see. In late 2017, Strobe was acquired by GM’s self-driving subsidiary, Cruise Automation, which has since raised +$2.25B from SoftBank and others. Julie will share her roller coaster journey building Strobe and selling to Cruise as well as her expectations for the future of LiDAR and autonomous vehicles. She will share her lessons learned to entrepreneurs on how to build successful businesses.
- Julie Schoenfeld, Cruise Automation (GM), Vice President of Strobe LiDar

12:05 PM
Keynote: Radar Will Track  Avalanche Risk & Hydropower Water Reserves
Monica will showcase how applying technology from the oil industry, they are able to detect weak snow layers that might trigger an avalanches and manage hydropower reserves. She will share how their radar technology can track snow conditions, potential avalanche risk and water reservoir reserves. She will talk about how radar technology will potentially help skiers make better decisions in the backcountry and empower businesses in the future.
- Monica Vaksdal, Think Outside, CEO

12:10 PM
Panel: Where are the Next Visual Tech Unicorns?
Zoom and Pinterest are two visual technology IPOs that are recent successes and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Our panel will explore trends in visual technologies across all business sectors and society. Where are the next visual technology investment opportunities?
- Moderator: Polina Marinova, Fortune Magazine, Editor & Author of Term Sheet
- Panelists:
- Matt Turck, FirstMark Capital, Partner
- Rachel Lam, Imagination Capital, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
- Michael Dempsey, Compound, Partner

12:45 PM
Lunch & Networking

1:45 PM
Fireside Chat: Di-Ann Eisnor’s View On How Visual Technologies Empower Businesses From Maps to Cities and more...
Di-Ann is now CWeO at The We Company (WeWork). Previously she incubated new urban systems at Google's Area 120. Di-Ann started the US office of Waze in 2009 and was Director of Growth for the crowd-sourced navigation and real-time traffic application including platform, business development and marketing (Acquired by Google 2013). While at Waze she founded the Waze Connected Citizens Program which worked with 650 cities and departments of transportation to use data to reduce congestion and improve emergency response times. Di-Ann is an active angel investor and speaks widely on mobility, cities and crowdsourcing. She is co-founder with Lupe Fiasco of Neighborhood Start Fund, a neighborhood based micro-fund in underserved urban neighborhoods. Di-Ann and Evan will discuss how visual technologies impact and empower businesses from maps to cities and share insights to help others build businesses.
- Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital, General Partner
- Di-Ann Eisnor, WeWork, CWeO Cities

3:20 PM
Closing: Announce Startup Winner & Thanks

3:30 PM
Drinks & Networking