Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenges

Congratulations to Serena Yeung, the winner of the Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge.   

Serena’s EgoStitch approach tackles the problem of summarizing and extracting meaning from the volumes of visual data captured by wearable cameras.

She won $1,000 free AWS credits via their AWS Activate program and more…

Serena is currently pursuing her PhD in Prof. Fei-Fei Li’s group at Stanford

We were honored to have an incredible all star group of judges for this competition:

Serge Belongie, Professor, Cornell NYC Tech, Computer Vision Expert

Jan Erik Solem, Jan Erik Solem, Co-founder of Mapillary

Moshe Bercovich, Shutterfly, GM Israel 

Gary Bradski, Magic Leap, VP Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Tamara Berg, Assistant Prof., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Sophie Lebrecht, Neon Labs, Co-Founder

Navneet Dalal, Google, Research Scientist

Photo ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media