Glasswing Ventures & GM Ventures Agree, Combining Vision with Additional Functionalities Poses Immense Opportunity

Jessi Hempel of Backchannel sat down with Rudina Seseri of Glasswing Ventures and Rohit Makharia of GM Ventures to discuss trends and investment opportunities in visual technologies at the LDV Vision Summit 2017.

An amalgamation of technologies that work together is most interesting for Rohit at GM. While Rudina says that Glasswing is seeing both startups that are trying to retrofit themselves with vision as part of their value proposition as well as startups, mostly coming out of universities, that are solving a real technical problems with vision. They both agree that multimodal functionality on devices - i.e. vision, voice, touch, etc - will open a whole new universe of experiences and products. Watch their panel discussion to learn more:

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