Building The LDV Vision Summit Together - Thank you!

Networking Break ©Robert Wright/LDV Vision Summit

Networking Break ©Robert Wright/LDV Vision Summit

"Every year the LDV Vision Summit assembles the foremost thinkers, builders, and business leaders in the visual field. It's always illuminating and inspiring." Erick Schonfeld, Executive Producer, DEMO & Co-Founder, TouchCast

"The LDV Summit was filled with distinguished speakers and great depth of content. As a judge in the Startup Competition, I was incredibly impressed with the entrepreneurs and quality of startups presenting." Alicia Syrett, Founder & CEO, Pantegrion Capital

"LDV Vision Summit felt like all the movers and shakers from across the world of Vision, coming together in the throbbing heart of Gotham City.  A great way to get an overview of what is going on, and catch up with the people making it happen, at a fun pace." Julian Green, Group PM Mobile Vision, Google

"I really enjoyed the blend of the forward-looking tech and more immediate media discussions. Was able to attend much of both days and am very glad I did." Paul Marcum, Head of Global Digital Video, Bloomberg LP

"Because of its focus, LDV Vision Summit was not only fun but also a real learning experience for me." Andy Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures

"I came back so energized by the people assembled at LDV Vision Summit. All the inspired but pragmatic discussion led to new partnerships, new insights, and new collaborators." Carter Maslan, Founder & CEO, Camio

"Focusing on "vision" is a valuable way to look at the entrepreneurial market because it cuts across many layers of the technology stack and therefore brings together different pieces of the ecosystem in unique ways.  Naturally, therefore it also assembles a diverse group of people that generate new insights and investment opportunities.  A great summit." Andrew Cleland, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

"LDV Vision Summit was a great event -- an amazing collection of creative experts on all aspects of computer vision all in one place" James Crawford, Founder & CEO, Orbital Insight

"I was really impressed with the ingenuity of the new ventures showcased at the Summit - they are taking imaging tech to a whole new level!" David Beisel, Co-Founder & Partner, NextView Ventures

"Great summit again. This year set the stage for a new tradition here in New York bringing together the greatest minds around visual content. It was again an incredible mix of researchers, startups, big businesses and the creators of visual content, a mix I haven't seen anywhere else." Matthew Zeiler, Founder & CEO, Clarifai

"LDV Summit is now on my must-attend list. Lots of smart, high-growth ideas that I haven't heard discussed anywhere else." Jamie Wilkinson, Co-Founder & CEO, VHX.TV

"Social media is the future and technology is its foundation. The future is now." Natalie Amrossi, Photographer, @misshattan

"It really was a fantastic conference, with excellent content both from the technical and business tracks -- I enjoyed it immensely." Simon Osindero, Artificial Intelligence Architect, Flickr 

"No longer an incidental but an everyday activity, photography has become essential in determining who we are, what we want, and what we will and won’t do.  If images now speak to, for, and about us, we need to talk more about and teach visual literacy.  That we don’t is noteworthy and troubling." Marvin Heiferman, Curator, writer, & producer of WHY WE LOOK

"A unique event where one can get in touch with the entire process to make a successful Computer Vision business. For a researcher, it is a rare opportunity to meet the people who can help to change a good idea into a successful business." Alessio Dore, Principal Computer Vision Scientist at WIREWAX and Winner of our Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge

“The summit was an extremely valuable experience. It combined people at the forefront of computer vision with people at the forefront of business.  The summit had not only the right speakers, it had the right audience too.” Marni Bartlett, Co-Founder and Lead Scientist, Emotient

"Thanks for organizing an amazing summit. I really enjoyed it. Excellent lineup of speakers and panelists." Peter Welinder, Engineering Manager, Dropbox

"New York City has arrived as a major tech hub. It's fitting that it's host to the best tech event spotlighting video and imaging innovation. Hats off to the LDV Vision Summit for drawing so many thought leaders in this exciting space." Vivek Sharma, Founder & CEO, Movable Ink

"The summit was a great place to connect with key researchers, engineers, investors, and entrepreneurs, all working to build the future of computer vision." Pete Warden, Engineer, Google

"The LDV summit is THE event for someone working in vision, images or video, in any capacity. It's the perfect mix between technology, entrepreneurship, art, science, and business. It's an unparalleled event in industry. If you want to see first hand what the coolest startups in the space are doing, look for funding, learn about the challenges faced in large companies, or network, there's really nothing else like it focused on Computer Vision." Alex Jaimes, Director Research & Video Product, Yahoo

Thanks for organizing a great event this week. Excellent speakers, super-well organised and a really nice atmosphere. It was well worth the trip over from the UK and I made some good contacts. Looking forward to 2016!”  Mike Betts, Co-Founder & CEO, Photocrowd

“Great lineup of speakers and attendees. Part of my vision for 2016 already." Mikkel Thagaard, Chairman at Astra Billleddiagnostik

"Thanks again for inviting me to be a judge and for organizing this wonderful event! I really enjoyed it. Had quite interesting conversations with many people that may lead to future collaborations. I learned a lot from all the talks, panels, competitions...Looking forward to the 2016 summit!! ;-) " Rogerio Feris, Research Staff Member, IBM TJ Watson Research Center

"The LDV Vision summit was an excellent conference: two days of fascinating talks and panels by experts and pioneers in the industry; I made a lot of great contacts, and met a number of really interesting people. As a participant in the startup competition, I received incredibly helpful feedback, and it allowed me to improve my presentation far beyond what I started with." Jeffrey Martin, Founder & CEO, Sphericam

"The event was really great. I can't think of a conference I enjoy more. The mix of attendees, speakers, presentations, topics that were covered was simply perfect.  I think this is a "must attend" for anyone in the space of digital imaging and video. Investors, executives and professionals. That's a perfect place to catch up on all of the latest and greatest technology developments in our industry, learn about the newest trends and meet up with such a great group of people representing all aspects of the industry and the business.   I particularly enjoyed the startups presentations in the challenge and the competition. It is really great to see the innovations and the wonderful teams. It was so worth he travel from Israel." Moshe Bercovich, GM, Israel at Shutterfly

"The LDV Vision Summit was a fantastic event! What an amazing (and relevant) group of people you put together from the visual technology ecosystem with tons of imaging and video experts. I was thrilled to get to participate." Erika Trautman, Co-Founder & CEO, Rapt Media

"LDV Vision is a must attend event. It had all the people you would want to talk to: investors, operators, founders, and creators from the computer vision community. And the content was excellent." David Blanke, GM, Clarifai

"The LDV Vision Summit was a great experience. Both days were packed with engaging, thought provoking sessions by a diverse crowd of entrepreneurs, academics, and investors all with a deep knowledge and passion for the photo, video and media space.  I'll definitely be back next year." Paul Green, PhD, CTO & Co-Founder, Algolux 

"Computer vision often foretells the future but is stuck in the high shelves of academia. This Summit is the first step in bringing that vision to real business and practical applications. The future becomes real with LDV Vision Summit." Alyssa Wright, VP, Partnerships & Business Development, Mapzen

"The event was fantastic and thank you for providing us the platform to present Entrupy. Hope to be there again next year!" Startup Competitor, Vidyuth Srinivasan, CEO, Entrupy

"The summit was incredible. Amazing to learn from so many interesting people with that depth and breadth of experience." Jesse Walden, Co-Founder, Mine

"I was really impressed by the quality, diversity, depth of content, audience and discussion. Great to come to NYC for such a conference whose subject matter (visual technologies) is right in Qualcomm's sweet spot." Patrick Eggen, Head of Early Stage Fund, Qualcomm Ventures 

"The LDV Vision Summit was a truly exceptional event with a great mix of researchers, entrepreneurs, corporates and investors. Evan pulled together a collection of speakers that both informed and inspired. On my must attend list for next year." Myron Kassaraba, Managing Director, MJK Partners   

"Evan, thanks for letting us at Orrick co-sponsor this great event.  The summit was a great collection of panelists and attendees.  Incredibly informative for anyone interested in visual technology and building technology businesses." David Concannon, Partner, Orrick

"The summit was awesome. Really loved the variety of amazing people you were able to bring together. One of the best tech conferences I've been to. We met some really interesting people and it was just inspiring to be present. Your charisma as organizer, presenter, and storyteller was phenomenal." Denis Nazarov, Co-Founder, Mine

"It's far more costly to do nothing than it is to do many things and be wrong many times. It's important to be passionate about what you're building.  Building great products requires a good amount of empathy." Matt Meeker, Co-Founder & CEO, Bark & Co.

"The second edition of the LDV Vision Summit was even more awesome than the first. Great mix of people on stage and in the breaks. Top
vision and imaging people from academia, industry, and the investor side all together for a short, intense event. We found technology partners and business opportunities."  Jan Erik Solem, Co-Founder & CEO, Mapillary

“Computer literacy and Visual literacy are one in the same and it is the obligation of all who work in the realm of the circuit to foster command of the image, it's use,and revelations fairly to anyone, everyone and anywhere” Charles Traub, Chair, MFA Photography & Related Media Department, School of Visual Arts

"The LDV Vision Summit was awesome!  Evan and the team did a great job curating an event of interesting content & attendees to discuss the future of computer vision and visual technology from a business, technology & societal perspective. I look forward to finding investment opportunities in this sector." Sean Ammirati, Partner, Birchmere Labs & Birchmere Ventures

"CakeWorks was honored and thrilled to participate again in the LDV Vision Summit. Not only were the panelists and speakers impressive, but the audience and surrounding discussions really shone a spotlight on real-world video challenges being solved faster and better every day. Thanks to all!" Rebecca Paoletti, Co-Founder & CEO, CakeWorks

"I was honored to provide the keynote at the LDV Summit and emphasize our dedication to demonstrating how technology empowers movement.  I'm pretty excited about the work we're doing at SOLS and looking forward to creating a future that continues to leverage technology and computer vision to bring 3D print to footwear - and hopefully - a better and healthier world." Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO & C0-Founder, SOLS

"I had an amazing time at the LDV Summer. It was incredible and I have been telling everyone about it and your incredible efforts to make it so fast paced, high-quality and diverse. It was inspiring on so many levels! Thanks for your energy. I stayed the whole two days - just couldn't get enough!" George Borshukov, CEO & Founder, Intervisual

"Thanks so much for the wondrous LDV Vision Summit. It was great to be there: to learn, to meet, to understand, and to see our collective future. Congrats to you and your team for pulling it all together!” Bill Reichblum, CEO, Woodstock Music Laboratory

“There is no way you can leave the LDV Vision Summit  disappointed. It is a unique event,  rich in valuable insights and generously informative. For anyone in the visual tech space, it’s a requirement.” Paul Melcher, Founder Melcher System & Kaptur Magazine

"This year's summit was exhilarating, with a world class lineup of brilliant, candid and inspiring computer vision innovators, investors and academics." Serge Belongie, Professor, Cornell Tech

"Congrats on a brilliant event! Last year was great but this year was even better: speakers, discussions, attendees and overall production. I loved the pace & the spectrum of content." Lippe Oosterhof, CEO, Livestation

"LDV Vision Summit was truly magical - I can't believe that they got together people from so many fields doing cutting-edge work with
computer vision together in one room. One of the most informative, productive and fun events I ever attended." Dr. Lev Manovich, Professor, The Graduate Center, Director, Software Studies Initiative, CUNY

"I think the LDV Summit was the most productive computer vision gathering I have attended regarding the industry and startup scene. I was able to connect with old friends in new companies and learned lots of areas where computer vision is entering our lives as an everyday technology." Alper Aydemir, Co-Founder, Volumental

"WIREWAX were finalists in the two competitions at this year's LDV Vision Summit and we were honored to be part of such an enlightening and progressive conference. The perfect blend of respected VCs, leading academics and acclaimed visionaries discussing real-world application for computer vision for the first time. We went on to win both competitions and it was validation from revered peers that we're building technology that solves a lot of challenges in this space." Steve Callanan, Co-Founder, CEO, Wirewax, Winner of Startup Competition 

"As always, I loved the combination of business, tech industry and academia that this conference brings together!" Mor Naaman, Cornell Tech, Assoc. Professor,, Co-founder 

"LDV Summit was a really great event to meet smart connected tech people focused on the imaging space. I really enjoyed all the presentations and even more importantly, the lobby conversations I was a part of." Avi Muchnick, Director of Products, Adobe

"It was a pleasure to be part of this year¹s LDV Summit. I left both inspired and better informed about the many aspects of the video and photo space. And I was able to reconnect with former colleagues who I had not seen in years." Rush Doshi, Co-Founder and GM, Firetalk

"Nowhere outside of the LDV Vision Summit have I seen the entrepreneurs, researchers, and business people that drive the machine vision world in one place. The level of talent and ideas was amazing." Samson Timoner, CTO & Founder, Scalable Display Technologies

I enjoyed it a lot. I hope the summit will become a tradition. It's a really great initiative." Ira Kemelmacher, Associate Professor, University of Washington

"Enjoyed the summit a lot. You did a very nice job curating and moderating. Congratulations."  Hans Peter Brøndmo, Serial Entrepreneur

"Thanks again for an incredible event. It was a two-day nerd high of awesome people and ideas. I made some fast friends and we may even have a new team member from it!" Ari Teman, CEO, Friend or Fraud

The vision was about the right topics at the right time, kudos for bringing together our visual tech community to share and inspire." Adi Sideman, CEO, YouNow

"The summit was incredibly valuable. Over the course of two days, and throughout intriguing and passionate presentations across the spectrum of technology and business, I found myself inspired by how much further we are able to go when leaders can collaborate, share insights, and connect. My trip out to NYC was well worth it!" Thom Scher, wikiHow, Sr. Director Marketing & Visual Content

"Once again Evan and collaborators have blown the roof off with fascinating technology content and entrepreneurial insight. The Vision Summit is about vision of every kind, and I gained a lot of it over an intense and rewarding 2 days. Bravo!" Andy Parsons, CTO & Co-Founder, KONTOR

"I wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic event – I was very impressed with the mix of speaker and presentations, along with the
great vibe in the room. Very impressive – I’m glad I attended and look forward to attending next year" Jerry Grossman, Executive Director, Photoimaging Manufacturer's and Distributors Association [PMDA]

"As a newcomer to the community, I found the Summit to be a unique opportunity to learn new technology, network with companies big and small, and present my company's vision on wearable technology leading the next industrial revolution.  Next year, I look forward to having my technical staff join!"  Jay Kim, CTO, APX Labs

"The LDV summit has set new standards in tech gatherings: investors, entrepreneurs and academics in the same room talking about real, deep topics creates a unique dynamic. strong opinion sharing, new ideas, unique presentations, and probably some exciting ventures soon. Congrats!" Alex Winter, Founder & CEO, Placemeter