Agenda: Reinventing Storytelling at the LDV Vision Summit by By David Schonauer

By now, most professional photographers and videographers are aware of how digital technology has changed their art and their business. Few, however, understand how technology is going to be changing their lives in the next five years.

That question will be the focus of  the LDV Vision Summit, a first-of-its-kind conference in New York City on June 4 that will bring together business, technology and media leaders to discuss how photography and video will shape the way people experience the world, how they will shop, how they will learn, and how creatives can best adapt to this new world in order to survive and thrive.

It was organized by Evan Nisselson, an investor and entrepreneur who has been involved with digital imaging companies for 20 years, from working in Silicon Valley in the 1990s to launching online photo-archiving service Digital Railroad in the 2000s. He recently talked with MAP about the event—and how images are changing everything online.

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