No More Wheel Of Fortune Spinning My Camera Roll! Forevery Automatically Keywords My Photos

Every day exponentially more images and video content is created, shared and stored by thousands of major media companies, hundreds of thousands of professional photographers and billions of people creating content with their smart phones. 

The problem of finding that right image at the right time to sell, publish or share is exponentially increasing. 

LDV Capital and I are proud investors in the Clarifai team and they are solving a major problem of keywording, searching and organizing visual content for creators. Clarifai’s deep learning artificial intelligence based recognition platform already solves problems for major businesses and they have launched a solution for the photos in your smartphone camera roll. Forevery is a mobile app which can magically and automatically tag every photo in your smartphone camera roll with over 11,000 relevant concepts like things, ideas, feelings, people, and places.   

Professional photographer and director Doug Menuez says “As a photographer I am focused on making great images that communicate to others what I see. But I spend too much time searching for the right image on my phone when I need it to send to clients, show an editor or publish it in my feeds. A major challenge is manually keywording these images so they are easy to find. I would love a solution to expedite this part of my life. Clarifai’s new app Forevery is off to a great start at solving this and their software continues to learn automatically."

I have been a photographer since 13 years old with my Nikon FM, F and Rollieflex and then I replaced my analog cameras with my first cameraphone in 2013.  Since then, I have often been challenged to find images quickly and this is exponentially harder every day with over 10,000 images in my phone’s camera roll. It seems that most all my stories over a meal, coffee or drinks with people end up surfacing at least one moment where I say. “Wait… let me show you a photo that will visualize my story or let me find that photo of when we were skiing together in Europe.”

The other day my sister asked me if I had any recent photos of her and I said, “sure, let me find them.” Instead of opening my phone camera roll and flipping through thousands of photos with my finger. I opened the Forevery app which is synced with my iPhone camera roll. I searched for her name and keyword “smile” because I am sure she would prefer photos when she is smiling but I had never tagged any photos with the word “smile” - Forevery just knows and keywords automatically.   30 photos appeared magically after clicking search.  I quickly selected 10 images to share to my sister via the Forevery app. This took less than a minute but historically would have taken a hours. (I had tagged her face in images earlier so the app already knew which photos she was in.)

Clarifai understands people, places, things, and times in your photos as well as finds emotions like “love” or “happiness” and concepts like “adventure” or “celebration.”  

Ron Haviv, Co-Founder and Photographer of VII Photo, says “Forevery is an efficient, elegant and fast way to interact with my work on the phone.”

Our lives are more than 90% based in visual conclusions. "Finding that right image in my iphone camera roll typically takes a long time and I am always looking for a more efficient method to find photos for sharing and publishing. I am impressed with how Forevery is auto keywording my images and it will be even more valuable as the technology becomes even more accurate as it continues to learn," says professional photographer Robert Wright.

People ask each other all of the time - How was your trip? How was your party? What did you do last weekend? I think many of us and especially myself respond by saying - want to see a picture?

Before the Forevery app, I would open my camera roll application and rapidly scroll tiny thumbnail photos with my finger and it felt like I was spinning the Wheel Of Fortune. Hope the wheel ends on the Jackpot but typically, back, and forth, spin, spin forward, spin, spin, spin backward, spin, spin, spin, and spinning through thousands of photos.

Then I find an image that I believe is from the rough time period of when I think that photo occurred that I wish to find, squint at the thumbs, open one and say nope that is not it, then again and minutes later finally and hopefully find that image to share before my friend gets bored of sitting there. Then I start talking to make sure the silence is not uncomfortable while I continue scrolling and finally I find the image to show. 

Now I can now add descriptive keywords to search which I think occurred around an image in order to have the Forevery app deliver a smaller set of images depending on how good I am at describing the image, like keyword “Zermatt” “Snow” which I never labeled in my images but Forevery shows only photos with the Zermatt and Snow.

National Geographic Photographer and Co-Founder VII Photo, John Stanmeyer says "Forevery is powerful. Very powerful for organizing and prioritizing images, especially when there are thousands photographs stored on the camera that ironically makes phone calls -- and I have thousands of images on the iPhone." 

Now I open Forevery almost daily because most all my days include visual storytelling.  Finally wasted time spinning through tiny thumbnails on my phone is a thing of the past.