Empowering Our Visual Technology Community: Power to the People!

One of the most difficult parts of our days involves filtering relevant content from irrelevant content. Every day we are inundated with articles, product announcements and news. Everyone has different ideas about what information is important to them and this changes over time.

People filter information from many sources—print and online publications likeThe New York Times, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, Corriere della Sera, Wired, The Daily Telegraph,online only sources like Quartz, Huffington Post, Verge and Re/Code and social communities such as Twitter, StackOverflow and Facebook.

Sometimes we want to know the top stories relevant to our business, hobbies or passions. Other times we want to discover intriguing new stories. Filtering relevant content daily is a gigantic challenge, one that gets harder every second of every day.

This inspired us to create a solution and collaborate with Serge Belongie, Computer Vision Professor at Cornell Tech; Andrew Rabinovich, Senior Engineer at Magic Leap; Rebecca Paoletti, CEO at Cake-Works; Pete Warden, Staff Research Engineer, Google; Matthew Zeiller, CEO at Clarifai; and Jan Erik Solem, CEO at Mapillary; and would love to invite more of you to collaborate.  

We built LDV Vision News to empower our community by highlighting and tracking the smartest people doing the most interesting projects across our global Visual Technology ecosystem.  This is a very basic first version. Moving forward, we are excited about the opportunity of collaborating with you and others to build a vibrant and valuable tool to help each other succeed.

Visual Technology is any technology that creates, analyzes and manages visual data for consumers or businesses. From technology empowering photography, videography, medical imaging, analytics, robotics, satellite imaging, augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous cars, media and entertainment, gesture recognition, search, advertising, cameras, e-commerce, sentiment analysis, and much more. Each of the involved sectors relies more and more on different forms of machine intelligence, including computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Every day I speak with many people across our ecosystem who unanimously agree that no online tool exists to help us filter the most interesting Visual Technology projects and people. We have different conferences, including the annual CVPR, LDV Vision Summit, Video Focused Conferences and Deep Learning Summits, that highlight people and projects, but they only occur once a year. All agree it would be great to have a real-time online resource to publish, share and discuss what is most interesting every day.

Serge Belongie, Professor, Computer Vision, Cornell Tech: “Look forward to having LDV Vision News become a valuable resource for my students, alumni and community to have space to discuss the news in our community. Hope you all will collaborate with us.”

Andrew Rabinovich, Principal Engineer, Magic Leap: “This is a great idea. A central place for vision tech, evaluated by experts/novices and ranked by importance. This will be very useful, and I look forward to collaborating with our community.”

Donna Romer, CEO of Yarn, emailed immediately after she joined: “This is a great resource. There just is nothing like this—I keep a personal list that is really unproductive after a while because there is no community. I have signed up to collaborate and am excited to submit interesting stories I see.”

This initial version of LDV Vision News is extremely basic. It allows anyone to join, submit interesting stories and projects, comment, upvote and share to their social graph. Next we will evolve the platform to also filter signals around the people working in our ecosystem.

Simon Osindero: A.I. Expert: “The LDV Vision News site looks great—nice initiative. I just signed up and look forward to contributing.”

We believe our two goals of filtering the most interesting projects and people will become extremely valuable for recruiting, finding interesting new startups, creating a forum to highlight unknown initiatives, finding companies to invite to our LDV Vision Summit and, hopefully, providing additional benefits that we have not even realized yet.

Every week members receive an email newsletter with the 10 interesting stories posted to LDV Vision News.

“Excited to contribute and collaborate with our community in building a valuable resource,” says Pete Warden, Staff Research Engineer, Google.

Rebecca Paoletti, CEO of Cake-Works: “We are always working on and looking for new ways to help our customers be informed and up-to-date. Our weekly Worth Reading newsletter is one tool and we are excited to collaborate with the LDV Vision News community.”

Jan Erik Solem, CEO of Mapillary: "I’m contributing imaging links to LDV Vision News regularly and it is becoming a great resource for news and inspiration. I love the weekly digest email, it is a great curated summary of what’s going on."

I already found an interesting company that I didn’t know about via LDV Vision News and have asked them if they would speak at our next LDV Vision Summit. 

Prior to LDV Vision News my morning routine was to read on my iPad while having coffee. When I found interesting stories and projects I wanted to review later or share with others in our ecosystem, I would—depending on the urgency—email them to myself and/or share them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

Ophir Tanz, CEO of GumGum: “LDV Vision News looks terrific. I've joined, shared with our team and we’ve started submitting stories.”

Carter Maslan, CEO of Camio: “Nothing better than curated vision stories from the peers you trust. Excited to contribute to this.”

After launching LDV Vision News, my daily routine has become more efficient. Throughout the day I find interesting projects, submit them to LDV Vision News and then share to my social graph from LDV Vision News. Now I have all my visual technology focused information in one place and learn from others in our community.

Matthew Zeiller, CEO, Clarifai:  “LDV Vision News looks great. It is a valuable constant stream of relevant information for all of us in the visual technology ecosystem from research to product. Sharing, reading and discussing this info in one place will save us time and help us stay keep up to date.   I am excited to be involved from launch and help it grow!"

"This online community is, in fact, a place that brings together *multiple* communities -- a combination of business, tech industry and academia -- with a potential to identify and highlight the most impactful people & projects in the visual tech ecosystem. It will become an important resource for anyone working in this area." Mor Naaman, Associate Professor, Jacobs Institute, Cornell Tech

We hope you will see value in LDV Vision News, and we look forward to having you contribute designs, features and code to help us make this an extremely valuable resource for our community.  

Hope you join our LDV Vision News community and look forward to seeing the people, stories and news you believe are important.

Power to the People!