Shipping companies were not built for the crazy volumes that e-commerce delivers.



“The incumbent shipping companies weren’t built for the crazy consumer volumes that e-commerce is driving and the demanding consumer behavior that smartphones have instilled in us.” says Scott Rafer.

Yesterday a friend and savvy entrepreneur was worried about moving into a new home in the urban suburbs without a building doorman. His big worry is how to receive his multiple weekly e-commerce delivers when nobody is home to sign for them. Maybe his solution is Doorman, Amazon, Fedex or a new startup we have never heard of yet?

If you work or invest in the industry of e-commerce and rely on the delivery of e-commerce for your business then do not miss an exclusive event called Haulery on Tuesday February 2nd, 2015 in San Francisco. Haulery is The Consumer E-Commerce Delivery Summit. There are still tremendous problems that need to be solved in this sector which will deliver significant value creation opportunities.

Successful serial entrepreneur Scott Rafer is delivering this unique private event to lucky people that can get access.  There is an impressive line up of speakers. He has been intensely tracking and investing in this sector so I am sure it will be extremely valuable on many levels. Scott was part of the team that sold MyBlogLog to Yahoo for ~$10M and Co-Founded Mashery which was acquired by Intel for more than $180M.

I am also closely tracking the sector of e-commerce when it leverages imaging and video technologies and SaaS solutions. LDV Capital is a co-investor with Rafer in a mobile e-commerce platform called ShopPad and in smart glasses augmented reality platform APX-Labs which solves problems for companies with their enterprise smart glasses software platform.  

E-Commerce Giants Are Battling Fiercely Over The 'Last Mile'” says Business Insider. Who will win this war? Will it be a big company, a startup in a garage, or a college term-paper which received C from a professor at Yale?                                                                

Don’t miss this event!