LDV Capital Team

Over 50 years combined experience in visual technology, building startups and investing. We thrive on partnering with people to build businesses that leverage technology to entertain, increase efficiency and solve problems.


Evan Nisselson, General Partner

Evan is an investor, serial entrepreneur, professional photographer and digital media expert since the early 1990's. He was an entrepreneur for 18 years when he built four visual technology businesses in Silicon Valley, New York and Europe. His international experience ranges from assisting technology startups in raising capital, business development, marketing, content development, recruiting and product development. He started making pictures with his Nikon FM at 13 years old. More >>


Abigail Hunter-Syed, Director of Operations

Abby has an eight year track record of implementing strategies to improve operational performance of companies across four continents. From Morgan Stanley Investment Management and the Boston Consulting Group to early stage startups, she employs best-practices for operational efficiency. Her cloud is filled with pictures of her dog and travel. More >>


Serge Belongie, Expert in Residence

Serge is a professor at Cornell Tech and the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University with 25 years experience in computer vision and machine learning. He is the co-founder and advisor of several successful startups and has been awarded a multitude of honors including the Helmholtz Prize for fundamental contributions in Computer Vision. Serge has more photos of his kids in their first 1-2 years than he has of himself from his entire life. More >>


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